Monday, June 23, 2014

Today is... AGENT'S DAY!!!! (#AgentsDay)

Ahhhh! Sorry this is posting late! Ugh! 

Today is Agent's Day! Today is Agent's Day!!!!!! 

I love Agent's Day! It's one of my favorite things here on the blog.

So what does that mean? It's just a special day to give a warm shout out to any agent that has helped you or impacted you somehow.

Maybe you love your agent or maybe you're looking for an agent and there was one that did something really awesome like give feedback on your manuscript or just had a great personality at a conference.

Doesn't matter what it is. Anything positive you want to share.

This is also a great opportunity for writers who are looking for agents to get to know them a little better through others' kind words.

So feel free to share your experience or give a holler here on the blog in the comments section or join us on Twitter under #AgentsDay. (Remember the "s"!)

And of course I want to say THANK YOU to my agent who is pretty much the best agent anyone could ask for! I wouldn't trade her for anything!!! You rock!!!!! :D

THANKS to all the agents for being awesome! We really appreciate all you do!


  1. Happy Agents Day!! My first love goes out to MY AGENT (I never get sick of saying that) Sara Crowe, who signed me on my fifth manuscript. She had requested & rejected #4, rejected the others at query stage. Just the sight of her little green dot on Gmail chat fills me with hope and possibility.

    I'm also grateful to Suzie Townsend, Gemma Cooper, Brianne Johnson, Tina Wexler, & Jenny Bent who all went above and beyond at some point in my (looong agent search).

  2. I'm a tad late seeing this post. Blogger has refused to show me any blog posts all week.

    But I'd like to say Happy Agents Day!!!

    And to specially thank Tricia Lawrence (as well as her intern) who both gave me immense amounts of WONDERFUL feedback on one of my manuscripts! The story is immeasurably better for it, and I know that if it does ever hit commercial shelves it will be in large part to the help of Tricia and her intern. So, thank you, Tricia, for taking the time not only to give me your own thoughts on my manuscript, but also passing it on to your reader, and then taking the time to give all of that vital information back to me.

  3. Hello, Cupid.

    I just stopped by your blog b/c I thought I hadn't been seeing anything from it for a while. I figured my email subscription had gone wonky, but I see nothing's been posted for a while.

    I hope everything is alright with you. I've really enjoyed your blog and the wonderful contests you host.

    All the best,

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