Saturday, March 23, 2013

Best Websites/Blogs for Writers! (Nominate)

I really need to get a whole list of the best websites and blogs for writers to post here on the blog. But instead of deciding on my own which are best, I thought I'd let you all decide...

So please leave a comment below telling me which website/blogs you couldn't live without as a writer.

Please keep in mind, these could be writing forums/agent's blogs/editor's blogs..... BUT this is NOT the time to help your favorite CP gain more followers for their blog.

  • Only nominate up to three sites. 
  • Please do not nominate a site that has already been nominated. 
  • Please be professional.

Depending on how many nominations we get, we'll then vote and the top choices will be posted here on CLC.

Thank you!


  1. There are SO MANY.

    One of my favorites is now with Writers Digest- successful queries where agents post a query from someone they signed and explain what worked about it

    Then of course Absolute write forums- particularly the Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check section where there is thread for basically every publisher and agent out there with information (good and bad) about them. Love it.

    And my last favorite...

    1. Also particularly helpful within AW: "Query Letter Hell" and the broader "Share Your Work" forums.

  2. Booklocker (self-publishing option if interested in print copies) ( )
    Writer's Weekly (been around for a few years now - editor also operates/runs Booklocker - offers a newsletter and a forum) ( )

  3. Writer Beware for intrepidly defending writers' interests
    Literary Rambles as the go-to spot for new writer resources
    YA Highway for all sorts of YA author fun

    1. I'm just going to ditto her three and add the Guide to Literary agents blog.

  4. Literary Rambles
    The Bookshelf Muse's Emotion Thesaurus
    Verla Kay's Blueboards

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  6. Nathan Bransford
    KitLit at

  7. Hmm, no one has nominated Miss Snark's First Victim yet? Well, that's here if you wanna take a gander.

    Also a big fan of Absolute Write.

  8. Replies
    1. Lol ok, I give up, I suck at links! Anyway, you get the picture!

      Last link is supposed to be

  9. Adventures in YA Publishing, Murder by 4, second for Agent Query Connect!

  10. Writer Unboxed
    Cynsations and Cynthia Leitich Smith

  11. My top 3 have already been mentioned, but two of my other favorites are Query Shark and Mother. Write. (Repeat).

  12. For crime/mystery/thriller stories, I like The Writer's Forensics Blog ( And I second the Pub Crawl and Miss Snark's First Victim nominations!

  13. So, so, many - but here are a few of my favorites that haven't been listed yet:


  14. I love stumbling across interesting blogs. It's a semi-productive form of procrastination :) In the last few weeks I've bookmarked:

    Moody Writing:
    Word Play:
    Editors Jewel Box:

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