Tuesday, December 20, 2011

*UPDATED Info for January's Contest

Just wanted to let you all know I've changed some information about January's contest! It's gonna be even BIGGER now! Not only am I bringing an agent to judge January's contest...I'm bringing TWO!


Here's the deal. It's going to be called LOVE TRIANGLE. This is NOT because your writing will be about love triangles (it can be, tho) but because there will be two agents possibly fighting over your work. *sigh* Love triangles are the best, aren't they?

Just so you all know, you CAN enter this contest and still be a part of February's event. But you must be a follower. Deal? Deal! There are two options for following on the sidebar, so go push one (or both) right now! And push the Twitter follow button while your there, too. Might as well while your there. :) And you will want regular updates, anyway.

Till next time,

<3 Cupid

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's get this STARTED!

It's almost 2012! I can barely believe it, but that means it's time to get this started...

Here's what's coming up in January and February. Two very good reasons go be a follower of this blog and my twitter:

To get this blog in motion, I'm starting in January with a good ole agent-judged contest. We'll have one agent (TBA) and lots of writers. To keep things smooth and simple with this first one, I'll be asking for the simple submission of your query and first 250 words. Number of entries will be capped so stay tuned if you want to make it in. 

February's event will be much less simple but much more EXCITING! I mean, this only makes sense since February is a Cupid's favorite month, even a literary cupid. As of now, I'll just say there will be lots of writers, numerous rounds and days of excitement, guest judges, and several agents (equipped with their own bows and arrows). Think of it as a writer/agent blind speed dating type thing. Fun, right? Oh, fun doesn't even begin to describe how awesome this will be! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! 

FYI: The first five people who follow this blog and leave a comment with the phrase "I want to be struck by an agent's arrow in February!" in the comment section of this post will AUTOMATICALLY be in the final (agent-judged) round of February's contest. SO DO IT NOW!

<3 Cupid