Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Adult Threesome Contest Details!

Finally! Everything is finalized for the "New Adult Threesome" contest! Woohoo! I'm really excited about this one.

Please know I am calling it by this name because there are TWO agents vying for your entries not because your manuscripts have to have threesomes. But they can. :)

And the two awesome agents are.....


They are both hungry for your New Adult manuscripts. So as it should be clear by now this contest is open for completed manuscripts in the New Adult category. And they're open to all kinds!

I'm only taking 30 entries for this contest (sorry, gotta keep this one small and simple). The entries that make it in during the submission window will be posted on the blog on the morning of Oct. 1st and the two agents will sweep in any time on the 1st and/or the 2nd to make any requests they'd like in the comments section. 

A summary post will be posted on the 4th.

How to Submit:

Send your entry into CupidsLitConnection(at)yahoo(dot)com during the submission window. Entry window opens Saturday, September 28th at 11 am EDT. The window will close when 30 entries (formatted correctly) are received. 



When you submit your entry please make it very simple...

PLEASE no tabs or double spacing. I want it email style. Single spaced. One space between paragraphs. No tabs! (This is my biggest enemy!)

Just the meat of your material. No "Dear so and so" or "I chose you because..." Just the meat of the query and first 250 words. You may add your SIMPLE credentials at the END of your query.

Your entry will be like this: (Yes, bolded where bolded)

Title: NAME OF YOUR BOOK (Yes, CAPS there!!!)
Genre: Genre of your book
Word Count: Word count of your book


Your query formatted correctly. (per above guidelines)

First 250:

Your first 250 formatted correctly. (per above guidelines)

*Look at our very own Mary Elizabeth's "Surprise Agent Invasion"entry for further example.

The SUBJECT of your email should be: TITLE - Your Name 

THANK YOU for following these specific guidelines. Makes me very happy! 

(Again, email entries to and PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN HERE!)

If I forgot any pertinent information, please call out any questions in the comments section. I may be a little rusty. :)

Thank you!!