Friday, October 4, 2013

New Adult Threesome Contest Wrap Up!

First, thank you to all those fabulous writers who entered my very first NA contest! The entries were all great and I enjoyed reading and hosting them. :)

And thank you to Jessica Sinsheimer and Molly Ker Hawn for visiting the blog and making some great requests. I hope some good things come from them.

Now here's a summary of the entries that received requests. Again, all the entries were fab and I hope great things are in store for them all.

Jessica Sinsheimer:


Molly Ker Hawn:


Thanks again everyone for another great contest!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Adult Threesome Contest Begins!!

All the entries in the "New Adult Threesome" contest are up!

The agents will stop by to make requests in the comment sections sometime today (the 1st) and/or tomorrow, so keep your eyes out for them!

The entries are open for public critique and/or cheerleading as well, but PLEASE remember to be respectful and professional in your comments.

Feel free to connect on Twitter under #NA3some!

If you see a formatting error with your entry, email me.

Good luck everyone!!!!

*For more info on this contest, check here.

New Adult Threesome Contest Entry #17

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 100K


What would you do if nowhere was safe, and the death threats kept coming?

In WEAKEST LYNX, twenty-year-old Lexi Sobado was “unschooled:” her parents focused on teaching her a variety of skills to tackle anything life presents. The main tools that she gained came from her mentor Spider McGraw, an Intelligence officer with Iniquus, a secretive government support group. By the time she turned eighteen, Lexi was in the field working for Spider, puzzling through crimes, and performing sleight-of-hand work that produced the data needed to put the bad guys away.

Now that her mentor has vanished on an assignment, Lexi decides her life needs a different direction. She settles down in a quiet neighborhood. Envelopes appear with demonic poems that portend a vicious attack. Lexi never dreamed that she’d need her toolbox of skills to solve a crime directed toward her. But no matter what she tries, she gets no closer to catching the stalker. Not even her psychic abilities help – in fact, they seem to make everything worse by giving her confusing clues.

The stalker attacks Lexi, who narrowly survives the assault. Lexi moves from the hospital into the care of Iniquus and the handsome Striker Rheas. Lexi must reveal her unusual training and Iniquus connections to help them track the stalker. But the killer is determined to have Lexi. She must use all her wit and skills to save her life and stop the lunatic from killing again.

As a member of Sisters in Crime, my short stories “Key to a Crime” and “Caged Bird” will appear in the anthology VIRGINIA IS FOR MURDERS (Koehler Books, Jan 2014). I have concluded a mentorship under former RITA judge Barbara Plum, and I receive ongoing fiction coaching with author/editor Lindsay Smith. In non-fiction, I am a contributor to two book projects concerning diabetic alert dogs, including the upcoming book, LIFESAVING LABRADORS, edited by Dr. Ben McClelland, University of Mississippi (Koehler Books, Jan 2014). My blog is, helping writers write it right. I have an M.S. in Counseling from the Medical College of Virginia and have worked as a court-mandated interventionist for homicidal/suicidal clients. And since I survived my own stalker, I bring personal experience to my writing.


The black BMW was coming straight at me. Heart pounding, I stomped the brake pedal flush to the floorboard. My chest slammed into the seat belt. My head snapped forward. No time to blast the horn, but the scream from my tires was deafening. The BMW idiot threw me a nonchalant wave – his right hand off the wheel, with his left hand pressed to his ear still chatting on his cell phone. Diplomatic license plates. Figures.

Yeah, I didn’t really need an extra shot of adrenaline, like a caffeine I.V. running straight to an artery. I was already amped. My breath hissed between my teeth, relieving some of my tension as I sent a quick glance down to my purse. A corner of a cream-colored envelope jutted out.

Focus, Lexi. Follow the plan. Give the letter to Dave and leave. Let him work this out.

The near miss with the BMW guy probably wasn’t all his fault. I couldn’t remember the last ten minutes of drive time. Pressing down on the gas, I veered my Camry back into the noonday gridlock weaving past the graffiti-ed storefronts of D.C.

Inching through the bumper-to-bumper traffic, I focused on my review mirror as a bike messenger laced between the moving cars on his suicide mission to get the parcel in his bag to the right guy at the right time. Once he handed over his package, he’d be done. Lucky him. I knew that handing over my letter to Dave was going to be just the beginning.

New Adult Threesome Contest Entry #16

Genre:  NA Spec-Historical Fiction/Time Travel
Word Count:  60,000


Grad student and self-proclaimed “Ladies Man” Hans Meyer has the world at his piano-playing fingertips.  All he has left to do is write his thesis.  But when his research takes him two centuries back in time, Hans stumbles upon a secret that will change history, turning this 21st century “player” into a gentleman.

Hans has discovered the manuscript for a mysterious symphony-composer, unknown.  Recognizing that this discovery could make a fantastic thesis, Hans sets off for Germany in the name of research.  When he begins receiving text messages from a bizarre entity, identified only as “Vox”, Hans becomes intrigued.

Vox’s messages convince Hans that there is a way to learn firsthand about the history of the piece:  a trip on The Time Train.  Curiosity combined with a desire to write a killer thesis override Hans’ reservations and he lets destiny buy him a ticket to ride.  After a stunning trip through time, he is dropped off at the doorstep of The Fiddler’s Inn, in Vienna, 1820. 

Time in the 19th century illuminates many things for Hans.  He meets a sixteen year old mute boy named Florian, and gives him piano lessons in exchange for room and board at the inn.  He also encounters Analeise, a Viennese beauty, and experiences real love for the first time, transforming this 21st century cad into a gentleman. 

But the most earth shattering discovery, however, were the words Hans found in the windowsill of his 19th century bedchamber.  Eighteen year old love letters, written between a chambermaid and Beethoven describe a secret union that produced an offspring…a boy who would one day compose the mysterious symphony.   Hans recognizes that this knowledge changes history.  If Hans goes forth with this information, the future will be rewritten.  And Hans may not be able to exist with that.

First 250:

With my right foot firmly planted on the piano’s sustain pedal, the final tones of “Piano Man” suffocated under the din at The Tavern.

“They can’t get enough of me!” I shouted over my shoulder at Joe, my buddy, still seated back at the bar.  The end of semester partiers, mostly females, made it hard for Joe to hear me.  He cupped a hand to his ear in an attempt to get me to repeat myself. 

I’d been behind the piano at The Tavern for several numbers that night, the women in the crowd swooning over my every note.  I had that effect on the ladies, or at least my music did.  I began my musical studies at the age of five and never stopped.  Now as a graduate music student, I had lots of skills under my belt.

“Alright, last song.”  I winked at the cutie standing to my right.  “I’m headed across the Atlantic in a couple days,” I announced, as the crowd began to hush, “and I can’t think of a better reason to play Billy Joel’s ‘Vienna’.  Enjoy.”

The noise of the crowd decrescendoed to silence.  Focusing myself, I began with the treble right hand notes fluttering over the keys in the song’s tinkling pattern, my years of classical piano training shining through.  The song’s poignant lyrics filled the room as I sang.  I moved into the instrumental interlude, but not with a harmonica, as Billy Joel did.  Instead, I improvised a solo.

New Adult Threesome Contest Entry #15

Genre: NA Fantasy
Word Count: 81,053


Dear Reader, I’m sorry to say the fairy tales you know are wrong.  Valerie would know since she was there. These diaries tell the tale of a girl more commonly known as Red Riding Hood in her land. She wakes upon the shore to be found by siblings, whose lives are about turn upside down as they start to believe in legends and magic.

When the Queen of Hearts goes missing, Valerie must stop the big, bad Lieutenant Wolf from rising to power. She visits classic figures like the Frog Prince and Snow White as she travels to regain her memories and more importantly to protect the people the royals wish to step on. Her story is a new twist on the old battle for who will rule the fairest lands.

First 250:

Once upon a time, there were rolling hills of grass as far as the eye could see. An endless sea of green, moving gently in tune with the fluffy clouds that rolled along in no hurry. In the distance was a farm, which looked well kept, its pearly white fence perfectly intact. Yet, there was something odd about it even from a distance. Both the farmer and his flock were missing. Only two living souls were around. I stood on the left, sharing a hilltop with a man who claimed the opposite side. My hooded red cloak was short in the front and just kissed the floor in the back.  The ends blew gently in the wind as I stared down the man across from me. He was dressed very differently than me, in a black and gold trimmed outfit of the Royal House.

“The better to end you with,” I fiercely said words once spoken to me.

“That’s what you think, Valerie,” the man said, quickly moving his hand out towards me.
Cascading ribbons of magic erupted from his palm as I moved my right hand up to block. The spell crashed a few feet in front of me, wrapping around an invisible dome that shimmered gold when touched. I strained a little, splitting my focus as I brought up my other hand. Arcana circles appeared around my wrist, glowing bright before two larger circles formed. They spun around before they locked in place around the inner symbols.

New Adult Threesome Contest Entry #14

Genre: NA Magical Realism
Word Count: 105,000 


Stasia Flessas is not human, but she wants to be.  As a half-nymph, Stasia has been given a thousand year lifespan, where she is allowed to explore the world, seducing and partying along the way, until her thousand years are up and she will turn into a full nymph and live forever in the sea. 

Stasia would rather die than submit herself to that kind of life.  And she just might get her wish.

The only way the Gods will let her deny immortality, and become full human, is if she finds the mortal they have chosen for her and they fall in love.   If she doesn’t find this man, she will die at the end of her thousand years.

When a vision shows Stasia at a beach near her home meeting the man who would change her life, Stasia knows that a mortal life is possible.  With seven months until her thousand years are up, the vision is realized, and Stasia meets Easton and his friends. 

Posing as a normal college student, Stasia goes to California with Easton to attend UCLA.  She knows Easton is the one the Gods have chosen, the one the vision showed her, but falling in love isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.  At least not with Easton.  His brainy, bookish, best friend, Brody, is a different story. 

After a thousand years of searching for it, Stasia must choose between the love that will keep her alive, or die for the love she really wants.      

I write for and review books for Deseret News and I have a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Utah State University.
First 250:

This was the part of being a nymph I would miss the most when I died.

I raised my hands out in front of me, palms facing down, and felt the electricity of the water flowing through them.  Slowly, drops of water started rising towards my hands, like backwards rain, touching my skin and crawling up my arms.  I pulled my hands back to my sides, releasing the sea before my power increased and I pulled waves toward me full force.  

The rocks where I was standing were three feet above the water and hung away from the beach.  It was my favorite spot at Paradisos.  After my sister Sabylla’s vision, we came here often to look for “the one.”  For the last fifty years, I’d been coming here alone. 

The wind was strong today, much more than the usual Aegean seaside breeze.  I could feel my long, blonde hair twirling and tangling behind my back.  I looked down to my right and saw the waves crash into the reef below.  The sky was turning dark purple as the sun moved further away from the water and inched its way out of the sky behind me.  

Besides a few daring surfers, the stony beach was deserted.  The day wasn’t over, but I had a feeling there wouldn’t be much recreation here today with weather like this.  The wind didn’t bother me at all.  Unlike my ability to attract men, my bond with nature was one nymph trait that I enjoyed.