Friday, December 14, 2012

Now Meet the Rest of the Quiver!! (#WanWC)

Yay! We can finally meet the rest of the Quiver! As you'll see one of our Cupid's Quiver arrows dropped out, so we're at six plus ME! And you'll also notice some of our team are picture shy, which is totes fine. If you still need to meet the first three members of the Quiver check them out here

Now welcome...

Nicole Zoltack

I've always been bitten by the writing bug. The first story I remember writing was a picture book about a girl who's family dressed up as parts of the Thanksgiving meal during Thanksgiving and she didn't know what to dress as. LOL I don't know where the pages to that story are anymore, but I still have that desire to write stories!

Right now, I'm finishing up a superhero romance (only about another 5K more!) For WanWc, I'm writing a MG fantasy story. It's centered on Christmas so now is the perfect time to write it! I'm normally a pantser, but because this would be the first story in a 5 book series, I'm actually (gasp!) outlining! Just a little bit, though, nothing too crazy!

When I'm not writing, I'm chasing after my three young boys (4, 2, and 9 months.) Hubby and I love to watch movies. TVD used to be my favorite TV show (Damon fan!), but Once Upon a Time has taken over as my new obsession. I love horses and going to Renaissance Faires. Just had my first author signing event at a Victorian Holiday Village - it was a awesome! 


Alessa Hinlo

 Alessa grew up on a steady diet of ghost stories, urban legends, and scary movies. Not a surprise considering she was born in a fishing village where local folklore said children shouldn't sleep next to windows or the monsters would grab them in their sleep. Good thing her family immigrated to the U.S. before she was old enough to develop any ideas about crawling out windows to see if those monsters actually existed.

She now lives in the Washington D.C. area, home to gridlocked traffic which is its own brand of horror. Despite a childhood dream of becoming a fortune teller, Alessa took her parents' advice to choose something more practical and graduated with a degree in biology. In her day job, she works as a research laboratory assistant.

Due to lifelong love of the fantastical, her first manuscript attempts fell into the category of epic fantasy. But after two novels and countless unfinished WIPs, Alessa decided this subgenre wasn't her forte and trunked everything. After some soul-searching, she decided what she really wanted to do was tell stories that combined her love of horror with fantastical settings that draw upon her cultural heritage. Her current WIP is an adult fantasy about a lady con artist and the ghosts that (literally) haunt her.


Copil Yáñez

Hi! My name is Copil Yáñez. Copil (pronounced Cō-Pēl) is an Aztec name which roughly translates as “oh, no, no, no, your word count is waaaay off.” I'm still looking for a commemorative Disneyland coffee mug with my name on it. SO. BITTER.

Originally from Los Angeles, I currently reside in Virginia where I do trade show and event consulting while taking care of two wonderful boys who had BETTER TURN OFF THE LIGHT AND STOP JUMPING ON THE BED THIS INSTANT! I also have a beautiful wife, a dog, a cat and a water leak somewhere near the center island in the kitchen. (I just re-read that and it sounds like a euphemism. It's not.).

I primarily write science fiction with a splash of humor, a soupçon of snark and just the merest hint of grammar. My Write a Novel With Cupid project is basically Breakfast Club meets The X-Files, about social misfits up against a two-hundred-year-old secret society and its plan to take over the world.

By the way, I've been pronouncing #WanWC as wank (the second W is silent because giggle-snort-ROTFL). So when I tweet “just #WanWC-ed for two hours straight, hoping to #WanWC again this evening,” you'll know I'm an idiot.

I'm thrilled to be working alongside Cupid and my fellow arrows in Cupid's Quiver (again, not a euphemism). In all seriousness, I look forward to learning more about them and their exciting new novels!

You can read more of my barely coherent ramblings at YAConfidential or in the pages of Full Circle Magazine. You can also find me on Twitter (@copil) bumming spare cigs and asking strangers if these pants make my butt look big. Spoiler Alert! They do.

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