Monday, December 3, 2012

The End of Nano and the Beginning of WanWc!!!

This is our last check-in for Nano!!! It went WAY too fast! 

I've really only got one thing to say....


To those who finished the 50K in 30 days. To those who got close. And to those who didn't even make it to 10K. You guys all wrote SOMETHING!!! And that's amazing! 

So one last time, I'd love to hear if you finished or not, and what your plans are now.


For those who didn't finish (or for those who did and want to let that project simmer for a bit) you can join me for "Write a Novel with Cupid"! There is more info on what that is here

I've got my Cupid's Quiver team put together, which includes myself and 7 other writers. Here they are:

Wow! So excited to work with these great writers! (More info on them coming soon!)

Starting on December first, we started outlining/writing and our first drafts (50K) have to be finished by the end of January. But it doesn't end there. After our first drafts are complete, we're gonna put together some deadlines for revising/editing/polishing. So we're working together all the way until we have shiny new manuscripts!

I'm not going to be around this week, but when I get back I'm gonna start sharing some posts about the 7 writers in Cupid's Quiver, so we can all get a little more familiar. So stay posted for that. And check-ins can/are taking place on twitter using #WanWc. 

But REMEMBER! Even though you're not in Cupid's Quiver doesn't mean you can't participate! Feel free to even put together your own teams (with team names) if you'd like. Or you can do it on your own. Just make sure you keep everyone updated in the comments or over on #WanWc. 

And please don't forget to nominate you favorite books of 2012! It ends soon!!! Do that here

Now back to happy writing! 


  1. I wish I could have made it in! This sounds like so much fun. I'm thinking about maybe doing another team (will have to decide after the Pitch Wars craziness is finished *crosses fingers I'll get a mentor*), but it would have been so awesome to do this with a pro like you.

  2. Hrm... I tried to comment earlier but apparently my computer's going buggy. My apologies if you get a duplicate post!

    I am excited for this! I wish I could've made it in the quiver... Alas, I was half a second too late in hunting down the manuscript number. But I may be interested in forming a YA team (my planned manuscript will be YA paranormal/supernatural, I think), though I'll wait til after Pitch Wars to commit to WanWc or not. Any other YA authors who might be interested?

  3. I finished nano just over 50k but I've had trouble validating on the site. I'm working on revisions for my current WIP that's in agent hands, and then I'll go into working on my Nano project some more. I'm also looking into Pitch Wars--we'll see where that leads. I've alraedy made some new critique partner connections from the pitchwars twitter feed, so that's exciting!

  4. I'm so jealous of your quiver! Wait, what? Never mind. I shall be writing along even though I'm not starting from zero and I shall be rooting for all of you on the way. Especially Nikki. *waves pom poms* Woot!

  5. Hey all! I threw in the towel and made my own team to follow along with Cupid. :) We're YA authors (any sub-genre is fine, right now we have: paranormal, speculative fiction, and SF/Fantasy). Anyone who's interested, check out #AvengersWrite (like Avengers Unite, get it? Get it???) on Twitter. You can contact me at @NaomiLHughes. We'd love to have you!

    1. Oh, another note: since Avengers Write isn't OFFICIAL WanWc, we can cheat! As long as you have a definable writing goal to reach by Jan. 31st, come join us! We're here for support, encouragement, and accountability to our goals. For example, I'm going to revise my current WIP til it shines, perfect my query letter, and start querying by the end of Jan. 31st. LET'S DO THIS!!!
      A sidenote: Thank you so much, Cupid, for this awesome opportunity! It's gonna be so much fun (even though we Avengers are a bunch of cheaters)! :)

  6. I can't believe NaNoWriMo is over either! I made it to 50,000 words this year, and I am going to let it sit for awhile, so I don't decide to kill off my characters from frustration. My game plan is to pull out my novel from the summer to edit and revise and polish it for publication.

    Good luck to all of you writing with Cupid. You can do it!

  7. Would anyone like to create an adult urban fantasy quiver? I'm @thefebemoss