Friday, January 31, 2014

Blind Speed Dating - BOUNCER ROUND!

Ding! Ding!

All of the entries have made their way to the Bouncers. Keep in mind each entry was sent to TWO different Bouncers in that category to be judged. So your entry will be judged by two different people. If two Bouncers choose the same entry, one of them will choose another.

If you made it past the Bouncers and into the agent round you will be emailed on February 12th! You will then have a day to update your entry and submit the final to me to be posted on the blog on the 13th/14th for the agents to begin reading.

Please note that the Bouncer round is more private this year. You will not know who read your entry and they are not required to critique or notify every entry they read of their decision. Only the selected entries will be emailed. However, if a Bouncer feels like they'd like to reach out to you, they can do so under their real identity or using their undercover Bouncer name. Those official Bouncer names are:

Bouncer Rizzo
Bouncer Faz
Bouncer Starfruit
Bouncer Castiel
Bouncer Cthulu
Bouncer Muscles
Bouncer Ravenboooks
Bouncer Flower Queen
Bouncer Iamsherlocked
Bouncer Clare Abshire
Bouncer Grabthar's Hammer
Bouncer Everdeen
Bouncer Darth
Bouncer The Cheshire Cat
Bouncer Atreyu
Bouncer Twilight Sparkle
Bouncer Lionheart
Bouncer Pistachio
Bouncer The Pope
Bouncer Pink

So watch for them in case they decide to do any sneaking around. :)

(To read more on the Bouncers, check the bottom of this post.)


Since I know many of you are like me, and would love some stats to fuss over, here ya go:

Total Entries: 123

Adult: 49
YA: 45
MG: 24
PB: 5

Each judge gets to pick 2 entries to move forward. Totaling 40 entries. (There may be some SMALL flexibility here in the upward direction to account for the slight increase in adult entries and PB entries, but that's a good rough number to expect.)

Good luck everyone! And thank you for entering Blind Speed Dating!


  1. Have those who made it past the bouncers been notified?

  2. Emails are going out at noon EST today!!!!

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