Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blind Speed Dating #32 (A)

Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 106,000


With no memory of her prior life, or even her own name, a woman finds herself on the losing side of a war, and must join a vigilante group of rebels to bring down the vengeful president of Catalpa and stop the mass genocide of her people.

After being drugged by bounty hunters, Marceline Maddox can’t remember anything about her own life, only the general state of the world. The entire continent is at war and her people are being imprisoned in death camps or murdered.

With a small group of vigilantes led by the President’s former advisor, Marceline, 26, begins the long fight to find her family, at least the ones who are still alive. Pulled into a drug induced alternate reality, the Dead world, Marceline is given coded messages from the Devoid, an omniscient collection of lost souls, known to others as the ‘mouth of God’.

Helping her along the way are her new found friend, the gorgeous and tattooed James, and a familiar man with multiple personalities, David. But David has his own problems, the soul of anyone who dies around him is trapped inside him, becoming a new personality, and when the story begins David is already playing host to 36 other ‘guests’, including his own brother the Reverend.

Who would you become, if you didn’t remember who you were? With her new rebel friends by her side, Marceline must discover who she is in the present after she has lost her past, and do whatever it takes to find her family, and save her people.

First 250:

She woke up at a diner, sitting in a booth with a cup of coffee in front of her. Only she didn’t really wake up because she wasn’t really asleep.  More like she came to. She noticed the coffee was cold and wondered how long she had been sitting there. The check was already sitting on the table but a large gruff woman eyed her and nudged it towards her, obviously seeing her confusion.  She tried her best to smile and take a sip of the cold stale coffee to stall for time, trying to seem like she knew what was going on as the waitress walked away, not that the woman looked convinced. ‘Money. Do I have money? I’ll check my pockets,’ She thought. She looked down and realized she was wearing someone else’s coat. Whose coat is this? It looks like a man’s coat. She found a wallet in the pocket and looked inside. There was a driver’s license with a picture of a man who she thought she had seen before. It said his name was Carson Fisher, and that he was forty-seven. I don’t recognize the name. Could that really be me?

Wait. Me. Who am I? No, she wasn’t Carson Fisher, she was certain she was a woman. She checked the reflection in the window next to her to be sure. Yes, she was a woman; she had long black hair, brown eyes, and stark white skin. She wasn’t sure how old she was and it was hard to tell from the reflection, she thought maybe mid twenties. 

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