Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second Round of "CAGI" Entries are Up!

Please note! Due to a judge being too close to an entry, Elizabeth will be judging #51 and Jessica will be judging #68! Thank you! 

Round two is up! Time to play again!

Now let me repeat:

All entries are open for public comment/critique during the judging rounds. Please be polite and somewhat professional. Which means rah rahs are permitted. Yay!

If there are any issues with your entry, please email me. (

PLEASE NOTE: You may notice I tweaked a few minor things with some of the entries. Don't panic. I want to keep the entries as tight as possible, so redundant info like genre and word count were deleted. It's at the top of your entry! Also, I can't permit websites and Twitter names. Sorry.

All but two of the judges are splitting their judging between the two weeks. REMEMBER all entries that make it into the agent round are announced on the 15th!

Here is how the judging will work. Please be polite and professional with the judge assigned to your entry! Or you'll get the boot! Promise. 

Name Entry #s
Jessica  51-60
Susan 61-65
Elizabeth 66-70
Julie M. 71-75
Taryn 76-80
Jennifer 81-85
Julie S.D. 86-90
Rick 91-95
Lindsay 96-100

Once they've completed judging all TEN of their entries from both rounds, they will then notify me of their top 4 choices, and those will be announced on the 15th!

If you'd like to check out the "CAGI" info post for more info or to check out more on the judges/agents go here. :)

Good luck round two participants!!!! 

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