Friday, January 18, 2013

Blind Speed Dating Contest - Window 3!!!


(If you're looking for the Mt. Olympus Writer's Conference Appointments go here!)

For the general contest info go here, then go here to check out the AGENTS.

Window 3 opens tonight: 1/18 @8pm EST, until full (60)

*Remember: Ten minutes after the window opens, I'll accept muliple manuscripts. So if you entered a previous round and want to enter another manuscript, you CAN! You CAN'T enter the same manuscript.  At least not yet. :)

Window 3 Bouncers: 

Jennifer Echols
Susan Gloss
Mary Lindsey

(Check those links for more info. on what they write and are interested in.)

Remember to read those posts above for all directions and formatting guidelines. Email entries to: CupidsLitConnection(at)yahoo(dot)com


  1. Is this a writing competition? or at an actual venue?

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