Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mt. Olympus BSD Writer's Conference Info!!!

(If you need to check out the general Blind Speed Dating info go here, then here.) 

So you may have noticed there is a link at the top of this blog that says "Mt. Olympus (VIP)". You may have noticed if you click on it, it doesn't let you go anywhere.

Mt. Olympus is my secret lair (companion blog to CLC), used for special purposes and VIP. So, yeah, you have to be invited to join. Right now, only those who were on TeamCupidLC for last summer's "The Writer's Voice" contest are granted access.

Mt. Olympus is where I'm holding the BSD Writer's Conference, so if you have an appt you'll be sent an invitation to join. Sweet!

What you need to know:

Think of this as like a virtual writer's conference.

I have several agents participating and they've each given me several appointments to book. Once the appointments have been set, the agents and the participating writers will be sent invitations to the Mt. Olympus blog.

Before the appointment, the writer will send me the query and first 250 words that they'd like to discuss with the agent.

During the date and time of the appointment a post will go up on the Mt. Olympus blog with the appointment info, the agent's info, the writer's info, and the writer's entry. Then in the comments section the agent and writer will discuss the writer's entry. Requests may or may not be made by the agent at this time.

*Some appointments will have time limits when the agent plans to be there to discuss with the writer, and some will be a check-in throughout the day sort of deal.

**Anyone who is un-agented can participate. It does not have to be the entry you entered in the BSD contest. The manuscript you submit must be complete in case the agent requests.


Jenny Bent (Website, Twitter)

Gina Panettieri (Website, Twitter)

Ali McDonald (Website, Twitter)

Annie Bomke (Website, Twitter)

Jessica Sinsheimer (Website, Twitter)

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg (Website, Twitter)

*This list may be added to. And I'm still confirming appt. dates and times with a couple.*

PLEASE, if you're interested in booking an appointment, become familiar with these agents and their interests by clicking those links so you'll know which appointments you're most interested in.

On Friday (18th), each appointment from these agents will be given it's own post here on the CLC blog. I will include everything you need to know, including some info on the agent. But things could be moving quickly on Friday, so don't leave all your research for then.

How to Book an Appointment:

The conference officially runs from 1/21 - 3/9.

To book an appointment at the Mt. Olympus BSD Writer's Conference there will be a fee. This fee is discussed more in this post here.

I'm doing a capped auction for each appointment.

The shorter appointments will be capped at $20 and the longer ones will be capped at $30. But these must be reached auction-style. Meaning each appointment will open with a $5 bid and then each bid thereafter MUST be made in $2 increments. I have my reasons for doing it this way, trust me. :)

And PLEASE NOTE: The bidding DOES NOT open as soon as these posts go up. The bidding will officially open at 12 noon EST on 1/18. They will close at 8 pm EST on 1/19 or when the cap is reached.

More Info:

Since Mt. Olympus is private the conference will not be available for public view. But all those participating in the conference will be able to see and learn from the other appointments as well. Although, I ask you do not comment on any appointment that is not your own.

There will also be some other things happening on Mt. Olympus during the conference for those participating.

If you have any QUESTIONS, please feel free to ask below....

Thank you!


  1. Awwwwww, I just went and read some of our sweet supportive fun times on Mt. Olympus! This contest is going to be fabulous, Cupid! #teamcupidslc for life!

  2. Is it expected that we will use our BSD entry, or another completed manuscript? Is a WIP OK?

    1. Good questions. Let me add to the post above. :)

  3. Sounds amazing and I can't imagine how much time and effort this all took to set up. Thank you so much for giving writers this opportunity. I'll never be able to afford to go to a conference, so I'm really excited about this opportunity!

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow. You just keep giving and giving. I am amazed too. Thank you again for everything you're doing.

  5. Oh WOW thank you!!!! :D Can those who were chosen to move into the Agents´ round try to get appointments as well?
    Thanks again for all the hard work!

  6. ANYONE who has a complete ms and no agent can participate. :)

    The conference and the contest are not associated in any way other than their both happening during BSD.

  7. It's getting rather late in the day for this question, but I've been looking assuming I'd see something that would clear it up, but I'm still confused.
    How exactly do you bid? I know it's in $2 increments starting at $5, but is it in the comments section or something?

  8. Hmm, just to be clear, is the $29 necessary? I assume so, but would like clarification.

    And, if I bid $29, I can still bid $30, right? Even though I'm bidding against myself?