Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bouncer Post #82

Genre: YA sci fi
Word Count: 90,000


In the year 2013, sixteen-year-old Alora is living a lie. Two years ealier, her aunt found her hiding alone in the forest with no memories of her past. Alora doesn’t know what happened, but she knows it’s something terrible—something her aunt refuses to tell her about. Now Alora is having blackouts in which she awakens in different places, and she can’t shake the feeling that someone is following her.

In the year 2376, seventeen-year-old Bridger is one of a small number of people born with the ability to travel to the past. He’s grieving for his father, who died under mysterious circumstances while on an assignment. Angry because the Department of Temporal Affairs won’t give him any answers, Bridger decides to search for the truth on his own. He’s stunned to learn that his by-the-book father was going to break the most important rule of time travel and prevent the death of someone who was murdered in 2013.

That someone is Alora.

Determined to discover why his father wanted to help a “ghost”, Bridger illegally shifts to 2013 and, along with Alora, races to untangle the web of mysteries surrounding her past and her connection to his father. Because if he can save Alora, maybe he can save his father, too.
Told in a dual point of view, THE EDGE OF FOREVER is a 90,000 word YA science fiction novel. It is stand-alone with series potential. Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 250: 

I press my forehead against the window of the transport and stare at the ground zooming by below us. We left The Academy a little over ten minutes ago, so we should reach our coordinates in Old Denver soon. Today’s assignment: record the assassination of the president in the year 2241. 

My head is throbbing from all the frelling noise in this cramped space. Usually on missions it’s just our team, but once a term we’re forced to work with the other two third year groups. So I’m stuck in here with twenty people and most of them won’t shut up. I know they’re all excited because this is the furthest back in time we’ve ever shifted. Me, not so much. Not anymore.


 I stifle a groan as I turn to the frost blonde sitting next to me, Vika Glazov. “What is it?”

Vika inhales sharply before speaking in her clipped Eurasian accent. “I asked if you were finished going over the mission schematics.” 

 I think about telling her no just to fire her up, especially since she’s my partner for this mission, but end up saying, “Yes. I know exactly what to do.”

Her eyes narrow, sweeping from my face to my clenched fists. “You better be. If you wild out, I’m telling March he better not ever pair us again.” 

What. A. Bitch. She knows this is my first time trip since Dad died last month. I fist one hand and rub it with my other, wishing I’d taken a stronger dose of Calmer before we left.


  1. When I first started reading your query I was like, "Eh, Sci Fi's not really my thing." But by the end I liked it! I love the mystery of it all- why would Bridger's dad want/need to save Alora? That grabbed me. Good luck!

  2. Totally not for me, but some sci-fi junkie is going to love this. "You're in!"

    1. Yay!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me in!

  3. This has totally intrigued me. I'm probably a moderate sci-fi fan, but I love all that's happening here--the mystery, the time-travel, the potential love story...good luck! I hope I get to read it someday!

  4. I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but I found myself really interested in this! Great idea! And I love the title.


    Love it all. Especially love the father-son quest. Warms my heart. Congrats on getting bounced and GOOD LUCK!!!!

  6. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! You made my day!!!

  7. I am so in love with this!! Must read NOW! I have no doubt you'll be peppered with arrows when the dating starts!

    Good luck! See you on the other side! :) (I'm #39)