Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just so you know...

Some important info we all might like to know before the FULL-ARROWS start flying! *Credit for this awesomeness goes to Anya Harker (one of our entry authors). I put the entries that have more than one request in red.*  

Honorary Cupid Just Desserts: 55   63
Honorary Cupid Sugar Pants: 14   48   57
Honorary Cupid Tainted Love: 59
Honorary Cupid Plum Charming:   36   50   55   63
Honorary Cupid Agent Amour:   18   30
Honorary Cupid Ryan Gosling: 3   22   43   59
Honorary Cupid The Mock Turtle:   29   40   58
Honorary Cupid Care Bear: 2   14   22   45   48   53   56
Honorary Cupid Waffle Fries:   8
Honorary Cupid Red Razzle-Dazzle: 45   50   56   58
Honorary Cupid Nausica√§: 6   28
Honorary Cupid Agent Angel Flair:

So the quiver status' are as follows:

Honorary Cupid Just Desserts: 2 arrows used; 8 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Sugar Pants: 3 arrows used; 7 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Tainted Love: 1 arrow used; 9 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Plum Charming: 5 arrows used; 5 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Agent Amour: 3 arrows used; 7 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Ryan Gosling: 4 arrows used; 6 arrows left
Honorary Cupid The Mock Turtle: 4 arrows used; 6 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Care Bear: 8 arrows used; 2 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Waffle Fries: 2 arrows used; 8 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Red Razzle-Dazzle: 4 arrows used; 6 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Nausicaä: 2 arrows used; 8 arrows left
Honorary Cupid Agent Angel Flair: 0 arrows used; 10 arrows left
   (Not sure if Agent Angel Flair is spying from the bushes or asleep against a tree)

I also want to say thanks to all the more-than-cool people who have been publicly analyzing all this and making spreadsheets and what-not. It's been really fun to see! 

I will post official winners and such on Friday!


  1. Stomach just fell into butt.

    Can not wait for tomorrow!!

  2. Also, I wonder how many will lose out due to a word verification error, lol.

  3. That's a good point. I might turn that off. Thanks for mentioning it!

  4. Should be turned off. I am signed out to make sure. :)

  5. This is so much fun to watch! Will you be doing another contest next month?

    1. No, I am taking March off. Look for more fun after that. :)

    2. Cupid, you deserve a nice long break. I'm exhausted for you :)

    3. Hopefully I can enter the next contest after your well deserved break. :)

  6. I may not need coffee this morning due to an adrenaline rush! Thank you for all your hard work Cupid!

  7. Thanks Cupid (as always) and thanks Anya. My spreadsheet pales by comparison...But, it's not a contest. No, wait. It is! :-)

    Biting my acrylic nails. Good luck everyone.

  8. That is one impressive spread sheet Anya! And thanks Cupid for making this happen. It has been a blast checking my tweet deck every day at noon for the fun to begin:)

  9. Cupid, this has been so much fun! Enjoy a nice long break after this, and rest assured your work here has been so very much appreciated! :)

  10. This has been a lot of fun to watch. :) Good luck everyone.

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with stats.

    1. This was more intense than any sort of fantasy league. :)

  12. Ditto, Susan! I have a three sheet spreadsheet, color-coded, with stats. I might be a wee bit of a nerd/procrastinator and this is an excellent way to fill time that should be spent writing, haha. Thanks for all your hard work Cupid! I'll be on the edge of my seat all day!

  13. Thank You Cupid this has been a blast. And thank you Anya, I tried keeping track on a Post It, it didn't work out well. lol. Good luck everyone!

  14. XD you're welcome guys! Glad to be of service. Just curious to see what everyone's chances were come noon.

    I swear, if my phone battery goes dead? I blame Cupid!!

  15. Haha, Anya.

    This really has been fun. I like seeing what agents are gravitating toward. Thanks again for the opportunity, Cupid!

  16. Goodness, I miss one week and there is all sorts of craziness. Who knew agents were so snarky with each other! lol

  17. Does anyone keep scrolling through hoping Agent Angel Flair will swoop in at the end wearing a cape and save some of the entries? Or is that just me looking for a glimmer of hope?

    By my count: Sugar Pants, Plum Charming, Agent Armour, The Mock Turtle, and Red Razzle Dazzle have used up their arrows.

    Just Desserts, Tainted Love, Waffle Fries, Nausicaa, and Angel Flair still have plenty.

    Ryan Gosling and Care Bear are running low.

    1. I'm with you Anonymous... It would be nice... But I've already started to eat a jar of Nutella since I've nearly given up hope :(

      Anonymous 2

  18. Mmmm,'s great on a peanut butter sandwich. There's some in the pantry calling my name. Good luck to you Anon 2!

  19. Dang, nutella.... you should make yourself a pancake and put nutella on it. instant comfort food.