Monday, March 19, 2012

AQ4U!!! (*NEW blog feature*)

While we're waiting on judging I thought I'd introduce:

AQ4U = A Question For You

This is a new thing I'm starting on the blog. We won't do it on specific days or anything. We'll just do it when it's slow or when I have a lot of good questions that need posting. So maybe one every couple weeks or a few a week. Just depends.

This is how it will work....

Email your questions to CupidsLitConnection(at)yahoo(dot)com. Any kind of question that has to do with this blog, querying, agents... (pretty much anything that has to do with preparing to find and finding an agent.)

Then I will choose questions to post on the blog for all of you to answer. Ya know, since this is our blog the questions come from you and the answers come from you. Maybe we'll even get an occasional answer from an agent. And I will post my own input where I can as well.

So feel free to start asking questions...........

(I cannot guarantee that all questions will be posted)


  1. I Love that you call it our blog and it's such a good idea.

  2. What a good opportunity to learn and get some answers. I like this addition. ^-^

  3. Q: Do most agents really prefer queries in hard copy?

    Q: I am writing a full-length novel, utilizing the eBook universe for shorter works. Does it need to be finished to start the queries? I have a seventeen page synopsis.

    From: Lexis
    Author: "The Cat Letters: A Tale of Longing, Adventure and True Love"

    1. Sorry for the confusion. Questions must be emailed to the address provided. Thanks!