Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise Agent Invasion #36

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 56,000


17-year-old Taylor Simmons’s life, as she knows it, is screwed.

Her only goal in high school is to go to Columbia University and
become a top hot shot lawyer—just like Daddy. For years, she had to
put her personal life aside and keep her record pristine. But all that
flies out of the window when she wakes up in bed with Evan McKinley
after a late night party that she shouldn’t have been at in the first

With her clothes still intacted, Taylor is 98% sure that nothing
happened. All the evidence points to that. Too bad nobody cares. They
prefer to believe the 2% possibility instead. The school’s
salutatorian—damn that Brian Long and his high IQ—together with Nathan
Wilk High School’s very own infamous man-hoe are more than the gossips
could bear.

As the day drags on, rumors grow and escalate until Taylor’s petite
figure have been oogled—something her barely there A’s chest have
never experienced before—and compared to the Space Mountain ride at
Disney World. Exciting, fast, and well-used. The only way to salvage
her tattered reputation is to convince the world that she had been
having a secret relationship with Evan all along, and the night before
was not just a one night stand. Better to be known as the one to tame
the wild surfer rather than just another notch on his surfboard.

Now if only he would agree.

First 250: 

Before I even opened my eyes, I knew something was wrong.
Why? Because I wasn’t in my bed with the cream duvet comforter that
Mom and I got at Macy’s last month like I should be. The fabric under
my fingertips was my first clue. It was cool and kind of scratchy.

Evidence number two: It smelled different. Not in a bad way. Just not
like the apple cinnamon air freshener that Mom loved and sprayed all
over the house despite the fact that Dad and I hated cinnamon. Instead
it smelled like cotton with a faint touch of pine and grass.

But the most damning evidence of all was when I opened my eyes and saw
the muscular bare back of a half-naked guy—at least I hoped half
beneath the navy blanket wrapped around his hips—that definitely
should NOT be in my bed.

Heart racing, I could barely move. “Oh, God. Oh. My. God.” I squeezed
my eyes shut before opening them again. Once. Twice. Over and over
until the fuzzy stars on the pale blue ceiling spun.

With shaky hands, I peered beneath the covers and whoosh! A sigh of
relief escaped. Thank God, I was fully clothed. If you could call the
lacy black tank and capris that Carly stuffed me into the night before
fully clothed. Still, everything looked normal. Besides the strange
room and half naked guy I was in bed with.

I was in a crap load of trouble.


  1. This sounds like a great "Easy A" kind of rom-com. I'd love to take a look. Wanna send me the manuscript?

  2. I would love to see the first 3 chapters please. pam.vhv@gmail

  3. You're going over big here! I love the voice. It's so perfect teen. And you're great at getting her character across while moving the story forward - identifying things like the duvet she bought together with her mother at Macy's and the air spray. We can see she's a 'nice girl from a nice family' right off.

    The plot sounds like fun. I'd like to request the complete manuscript and the full synopsis in a Word doc attachment to gpanettieri at talcottnotch dot net. Thanks and good luck all around!

  4. Sounds interesting! Please send the first three chapters to query@psliterary.com with the subject heading: Cupid's Literary Connection: Love Contract.

    Thanks! Carly

  5. This is very Easy-A. But I LOVED Easy-A and I think the opening scene launches the ms on a great note. And hilarity and hijinx will hopefully ensue...Please email me the full ms + synopsis as attachments at laura at bradfordlit dot com. Please note that the submission is an Agent Invasion submission.

  6. This sounds great! I'm already repping a fake-boyfriend project, though, so wishing you all luck.
    All my best,
    Taylor Martindale
    Full Circle Literary

  7. I'd love to see this, too! Please send the full manuscript as a Word attachment to andrea at tla1 dot com (that's tee el a one) Please put Agent Invasion submission request in the subject line.

    Andrea Cascardi