Monday, January 7, 2013

Bouncer Interview with Taryn Albright!

Now we welcome Bouncer, Taryn Albright. I've been associated with Taryn for almost as long as I've been Cupid, and I just heart her to pieces. She was my first "Cupid's Connection" and has helped me judge contests before. Now we welcome her as one of our intern Bouncers, and as you'll learn, Taryn has incredible experience and is tons of fun! 

Hi, Taryn! Please share a little about yourself:

I'm still 19 and really scared of losing my teenagerness. I've interned for 3 agencies over the past year and a half. I'm an editorial asst at Spencer Hill Contemp. I have a freelance editing service The Girl with the Green Pen, and I love editing more than writing (shhh don't tell).

Now tell us a little about your book(s) or what you like to write:

When I'm not editing, I write YA/NA mysteries. People die. It's awesome.

What MUST we read? And what's in your TBR pile?

TBR pile is always full of manuscripts. I'm pretty good at staying on top of the books I actually want to read. You NEED to read...period. Haha. A couple of my clients have books coming out in the next year, and I'm most excited about those, obviously! I got a Nook for Christmas, and kind of went on a self-pub binge, and if you haven't picked up Lynn Colt's TORCHED, you're missing out.

What are those crumbs around your computer? And what is that music I hear?

There are no crumbs around my computer! Partially because I have like 5 different places I curl up with my laptop. There are a lot of Dove chocolate wrappers strewn around my room and a bunch of empty carrot bags in the trash.

And, no, you don't hear any music. Oh, wait, yes you do. It's Taylor Swift on repeat. I need noise in the background, but I don't like being distracted by "new" music, so I have to have listened to a CD like 50 times before I can write to it.

Is it all about the pants or all about the outline?

Outline! It's hard to do mysteries without one if you want to be able to drop clues well!

Any words of wisdom for our brave contest entrants?

Ummmmm, not really :) Don't stress about this. I got my agent through a Cupid contest, but most people sign agents the old-fashioned way. Focus on the real perks of the BSD contest: the community!
Now give up your guilty pleasure!

I . . . really like One Direction! They're cute and my age and catchy, SO THERE.


Thank you, Taryn!!!! 

Thank you for reading! Leave any comments/questions below...

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