Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bouncer Post #11

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 67000


Charlie Brimm has found a new favorite band—and the band has found its sacrificial vessel.
Charlie has tasted a wide variety of auras in his seventeen years, but none like that of Len, the lead singer of Kroewe’s rising rock band. The vocalist’s silver aura does more than satisfy his high-kinetic appetite; it lessens his need for energy. And Len’s aura is so abundant, he can’t drain her. Only one problem… the other band members don’t want Charlie around.
Len notices Charlie, too, but her interest in him interferes with her band mates’ plans. Every night, they play another venue, drawing bigger crowds of teens surrounded by negative energies. The closer Charlie gets to Len, the more reluctant she is to help lure teens to the shows…and the more Charlie discovers about their plan. They want to sacrifice kidnapped teens to the ancient shadow-monster they worship. Charlie wants to stop them, but the band wants him as well. He’s the perfect vessel for the teens’ negative energies—if he can be kept away from Len.
They need Charlie hungry.
Charlie isn’t about to let them take him. The monster only comes around once every four-hundred years. If he can dodge the band until the fall equinox, he and the kidnapped teens will be safe. But staying away means letting Len and her stabilizing aura go… something Charlie refuses to do.
First 250:

Everything living gives off energy, creating what human seers like to call auras.
I like to call them dinner.
Dinner’s where I’m headed right now. The city of Kroewe is an awesome place to get some grub with all the clubs, concerts, and parties a guy can crash, which is important for a kinetic like me. All I gotta do is throw myself in the middle of the crowd, get close to the aura that appeals the most to me, and draw a little off until I’m satisfied, and no one knows anything happened.
I’m hitting a club called Beatz tonight. Techno’s not really my style, but the place is always packed when they’ve got DJ FYXE, and I love watching the kaleidoscope of energies as everybody hits the dance floor. With all the reds, blues, yellows, and greens mixed together, it’s like my own light show.
There’s a cute little redhead standing in front of me, and I know she’s interested because she keeps glancing over her shoulder at me and then giggling with her friends. Too bad her aura’s a funky mix of greenish-pink and red. She’s got some issues going on I’d rather not taste. The glances over her shoulder are becoming longer and slightly uncomfortable stares, and since I’m curious why the line seems extra-long tonight, I introduce myself.“Hey, I’m Charlie Brimm.”
Red giggles with the girls around her before she answers, and already I’m wishing I’d kept quiet. She’s gonna be hard to ditch when feeding time comes, and I’m not in the mood for her kind of bruised energy tonight.


  1. This...sounds awesome. Love the premise. I definitely want to read more.

    Good luck!

  2. Your first page drew me in, and I love the voice. The premise sounds fantastic--I'd definitely read on. Good luck!

  3. Tee Hee "I like to call them dinner."

    Good luck to you.