Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bouncer Post #17

Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Word Count:  77,000


TWO ROOM FLAT is essentially about taking chances, learning to love again--and the healing power of a good English flirt!

Spicy fiction made novelist Claire Gibson a star, but she can’t pen a sentence to save her life since her husband’s accidental death two years ago. Now, deeply in debt, her only hope of reviving her crumbling career is to flee small town America for big city London.  Trouble is, she can’t afford the move.  That is, until handsome Adam Lambright—her husband’s best friend and the man she blames for his death—offers to let her stay in his flat…with him. 

Adam Lambright used to know how to smile, how to have fun, how to love, but that was before watching his best friend die and his wife wither away from cancer.  Now, he’s vowed never to love again.  That doesn’t mean he can’t help out his best friend’s widow.  Hell, her life’s more of a mess than his own.

Seeing no other possible option, Claire moves to London.  In that exciting city she faces the challenge of rebuilding her career--and the attentions of her sexy English publicist.  But, confusion grows when her feelings for Adam present the biggest challenge: learn to forgive or face heartbreak once again.

I guest co-host, with authors Joshua Graham and Susan Wingate, the very popular live talk radio show called DIALOGUE: BETWEEN THE LINES.  Previously, I wrote a bi-weekly humor column for the Journal of the San Juans.  (The blog that runs through TWO ROOM FLAT reflects the tone of my former column.)  As well, I am a member of both RWA and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and have attended PNWA and Greater Seattle RWA conference. 
First 250:

The irritatingly dramatic voice sliced through her eardrums.

“Claire Gibson!  Where have you been hiding yourself?”

Sometimes she cursed the day she moved to this small Pacific Northwest island.  Couldn’t she get a stinking cup of coffee without running into half the people she knew? 

Okay.  One person.  Just her luck for it to be the biggest mouth in town.

Claire dug a five dollar bill out of her jeans pocket, slapped it on the counter, and grabbed her extra-hot vanilla latte.  “Thanks, Tyler.”

“Take care, Mrs. G.”  Tyler gave her a sympathetic smile from behind the register as she turned to leave.

“Hi Bea.  Sorry.  I’m in a hurry.”  Claire attempted to brush past the large woman.

No such luck.  A simple shift of weight was all it took for Beatrice Atwell to block her exit.

“But I’ve got wonderful news.”  Bea leaned in confidentially, although her volume didn’t alter a bit.  Apparently she’d never learned the difference between inside and outside voices that any sane mother taught her children.  “I’ve found someone for you!”  She bared her teeth in what was probably supposed to be a smile.

“Excuse me?”

“A man.   He’s taking over Dr. Wainright’s dental practice!  I know several women who would love to meet him, but you’re at the top of my list!”  Bea looked like she couldn’t have a more perfect gift if she had been Santa Claus himself.

The nerve of the woman!  Who did she think she was, throwing random men at her as if anyone could take the place of Mark?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! You can see Claire's reluctance and attitude from the get-go. Interested to see if she ends up with Adam. :)

  2. I'd definitely read this. I like Claire's voice and that this story takes place in London. Good luck!

  3. Love the voice! I'd read it! Good luck!