Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bouncer Post #63

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 62,000


Kella Davis has the unique ability to fuse herself to her guardian angel, Gabrielle. Words cannot pass between them, only feelings and powers, but no one knows Kella better. She first discovered and used this connection to protect her little sister from the chaos of foster care. Now, while keeping her identity a secret, she helps anyone who needs her.

When an earthquake hits Haiti, Kella flies in to help with the rescue effort. While there, a boy named Asher sees her bring a little girl back from the brink of death and then disappear. When Asher tracks Kella down, she learns something she never thought possible. She is not alone, Asher sees his guardian angel too. Kella teaches Asher how to fuse with his guardian and opens up his world. Flight, extrasensory perception, heavenly knowledge- things Asher never thought imaginable. In return, Asher shows Kella what it’s like to need someone.

Just as Kella finds a sense of belonging, a fallen angel possesses and uses her body as a weapon. She fights to protect those she cares about, but can't shield her own guardian angel from abduction. Kella embarks on a suicide mission to save her angel and get her life back.

First 250:

The news blared on the radio as the ignition whined to turn over. “A seven point earthquake has rocked the country of Haiti. Hundreds trapped, thousands feared dead.” The radio went silent as Kella’s head shot up, slamming into the hood of the car. 

“Dammit.” Haiti-earthquake-thousands dead buzzed in her head. She had to get her sister Emma’s car started, fast. 

Her cold hands fiddled with the spark plugs. “Try it again.” 

Emma turned the ignition over and the car sputtered to life. 

“God, that’s awful. That’s a pretty big earthquake, right?” Emma asked. Her perfectly manicured nails tapped on the steering wheel, impatient to get going. Emphasizing she had no idea how awful things like that could be.

Kella fumbled with her tools. “Yeah, that’s really bad.” Dang, she needed to get her act together long enough to send Emma on her way.

“Well, thanks for fixing my car. I don’t think I’ll be late to work. What time do you get off?” Emma asked.

A cover story had been formulating in Kella’s head since she heard the news report. “I won’t be home. My boss needs me to dog sit for the rest of the week.” She held her breath, hoping Emma wouldn’t see through her lie. Emma was usually oblivious, but this was pretty thin.

Emma stopped digging in her purse. “He asked you to take care of his dogs? You hate dogs.”

“It shouldn’t be that hard, and he’s paying me,” Kella replied, cleaning a speck of grease off her pliers before placing them back in their designated spot. 


  1. The Guardian Tribe is AWESOME!! I know because I've been lucky enough to read it. I hope this makes it through to the next round- GOOD LUCK!! :)

  2. I love this! My head actually hurt when she slammed hers against the hood. Ouchy!

  3. I can tell I'm going to like Kella. Nice job!

  4. Go Jenny :) Your writing is fantastic ;) Love it :)

  5. Excellent query Jenny! And Kella starts off as such a strong character from word one, her story begs to be read! Awesome!

  6. The only way to describe The Guardian Tribe is AWESOME.. it's fresh and adventurous with the perfect amount of romance....... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  7. I love the premise of this Jenny! And your first 250 are wonderful :)

  8. Wow! This is the query I read a while back during my last query critique giveaway. Can I just say I liked it before but that it's amazing now? Too late. Just did. This has the makings of a great novel. Best of luck! :)

  9. good for you! glad to see your wuery, lookin good!

  10. Hmmm. I'm not a big reader of angel stories, but I'd be interested to see how you weave in the real-life event of the earthquake in Haiti. So you're in! Good luck!

  11. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments! You guys are awesome!