Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cupid's Bouncers Undercover Names!

Come Monday morning, the judges are going all sneaky-style with their undercover Bouncer names. Here are the undercover names they'll be using:

Bouncer Blue Nimbus

Bouncer Bookish Handygirl

Bouncer Dorothy

Bouncer Iheartbooks

Watch for them lurking around the entries the next two weeks. Remember the first 50 entries are up this week, and the second 50 go up next week. 

If you make it they'll comment on your entry with the phrase, "You're in!" included. That phrase MUST be there to move on! Will you be VIP enough to make it through the front door and into Agent Blind Speed Dating? I guess we'll see. 



  1. So excited! When will the cut off be for this round?

  2. Yes! I can't wait!
    With all these bouncers, am I going to need a fake ID for this or what? :)

  3. Nice. Oh man, February is gonna rock!

  4. I hope to be SQUEEEEEEING! sometime soon. Oh, I'm so excited.

  5. You're a superstar, Cupid! I would never have known you had any problems posting last night. *deep breath*'re doing awesome!

  6. And let the awesomeness begin! Off to read entries now.

  7. Gah, waiting for the possibility of a 'you're in' is infinitely worse than waiting to hear whether or I'd made it into the first 50 :S *bites nails and refreshes page in the hopes of seeing magic words in comment box*