Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #9

YA Paranormal Romance

Set-up: Olivia is a high school senior bent on winning a Young Journalist Scholarship. There's no way she'll be able to afford the U without it. It's obvious to Kade that he needs to stay out of her view and out of the way. Yet when he has a premonition about her being crushed by a car launching through a cafe wall, he risks exposure to save her. Olivia senses an underlying story, only her hero distracts her with a kiss. This won’t ever be in the piece she prints – but it will be forever imprinted on her heart.


The mischievous twinkle in her eyes decided it.  I have to make her mine, Kade thought. He grazed his fingertips along her neck, the touch only heightening the soul deep connection he'd been trying to fight. Lowering his head, he paused, taking a moment to breathe her in. He smiled.

“What?” Olivia whispered, smiling back as her fingers found the top button of his shirt.

“I really want to…” He knew he shouldn’t…yet he knew he was going to. Gently, he plucked at her lower lip with his teeth then swept the tip of his tongue along its full softness. “Mmm. No wonder you’re always biting it,” he whispered.

Her answering chuckle seemed as if it was designed for him. Only he didn’t deserve its beauty or the hope it inspired. Before he could warn her away, she pulled him closer, pressing her mouth full against his. Kade was instantly addicted.

Olivia’s delicate lips welcomed him with unexpected enthusiasm. Silk, passion, and sunshine all wrapped into one. The taste of cinnamon danced from her mouth to his. He couldn’t get enough.

Kade tenderly traced the skin above the V of her t-shirt. The immediate catch of her breath echoed in his ears like a prayer. Was he falling? His stomach said so. As she tilted her head, though, everything changed. That hint of cookies she wore like perfume surrounded him, tantalizing him with dreams of a home he knew he couldn’t have and didn’t deserve. But he did have this moment. He could taste her, drink her in so that he would never forget. Her hand slid beneath his opened buttons to rest over his heart. It pulsed in life-giving rhythm beneath her caress. Forever…he could do this forever.


  1. Wow. how did she not melt into a puddle? And this line "“Mmm. No wonder you’re always biting it,” he whispered."

    Great job!!

  2. Loved this!

    I love the descriptions! The small/unique details you give really sink us into the scene. And the dialogue was swoony too!

    Great job! :)

  3. Great dialogue, as cupid said, and really great job creating a mood you can almost feel! :D Love this!