Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Entry Windows Info! (Blind Speed Dating Event)

Info on Blind Speed Dating Event in the second half of the post here. More deets coming soon!


The first entry window opens this Friday (3rd) at noon EST. Only the first 50 entries make it in so you may have to be fast! Not sure what to expect on time here. :-)

The second entry window opens Saturday morning (4th) at 11:00 am EST. Open until we meet 50 entries. For a total of 100 entries. Only one entry per person. Love Triangle entrants can enter again.

If you make it in you will receive a confirmation email!! Not immediately but soon! And I will update the blog on when each window is full. Email to: cupidslitconnection(at)yahoo(dot)com

*This contest is open to MG, YA, and Adult genres. I will post a list of the agents soon! Check out the agents info and if your novel seems like a good fit for one of them, enter it!

(If you are one of the FIVE who automatically makes it past the first round, I will ask for your entries closer to the agent round so your entries are up to date. Stay posted.) 


I know I said this already this week, but I'm going to repeat. When you submit your entry please make it very simple:

No tabs or double spacing. I want it email style. Single spaced. One space between paragraphs. No tabs!

Just the meat of your material. No dear so and so. Or I chose you because.... Just the meat of the query and first 250. You may add your credentials at the END of your query.

Your entry will be like this: (Yes, bolded where bolded)

Genre: Genre of your book
Word Count: Word count of your book


Your query formatted correctly. (per above guidelines)

First 250:

Your first 250 formatted correctly. (per above guidelines)

*Look at January's entries for further example.*

AND!!!!!! SUBJECT of your email should be: TITLE - Your Name

THANK YOU!!!!! for following these specific guidelines. Makes me a happy little Cupid. 


  1. I'm getting excited about this :) I'll be sure to mention it in my Friday blog post!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! That would be good to post, huh? Thanks!

  3. Great contest! I was wondering, how would we know if we were one of the fifty to make it in? Will there be an automatic email confirmation or something?

    1. Not auto, but yes, a confirmation email will be sent as quickly as I can. :D

  4. I'm visiting from Susan Fields' site--what a great opportunity for writers! Cool blog idea. :)

  5. Yay, can't wait!!! Can we enter again if we did your last Love Triangle contest?

    1. Does that count if we "won"? My story was chosen for a partial in your Love Triangle Contest. Can I enter it again here, or should I choose a different one?

    2. Yes! Choose your best one and be fast. First come first serve.

  6. Thanks for the contest. This should be tons of fun.

  7. I'm gonna have to get up at either 4 AM or 3AM to get in. I better set my alarm! :)

    1. Ahhh! Sorry guys! Didn't think about that, but will next time! If it makes you feel better I've done that before at 5am. I had everything ready to go. Just hit send and went back to sleep. :) It was kinda fun actually. For that brief minute.

  8. Thanks again Cupid for sharing the love :)

  9. This is great! I can't wait until my WIP is complete so I can enter these contests. Good luck everyone. I'll be popping in to cheer everyone on :)

  10. Doh! I'd love to enter but I'm not sure if I can stay awake until 3am (I'm in Australia) or if my husband will appreciate my alarm going off in the middle of the night.

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