Monday, January 23, 2012

TWO very IMPORTANT things!

Things are about to start moving fast...


The 25 selected entries go up early tomorrow morning. Formatting and such can be a bit of a nightmare, soooo if you see your entry and something major needs to be fixed please email me and let me know. Yes, I said EMAIL ME. Don't just comment. AND make sure this is ONLY to fix something I did wrong. This is not because you realized you forgot a comma or something. Entries will not have a chance to be updated at this point. Thanks!

Anyone can comment on any post tomorrow, but agents won't start requesting until Wednesday. Although, they will probably be reading tomorrow. So, let's get any problems fixed early. (I will post a "reminder of the rules post" late Tuesday/early Wednesday.

I really wish everyone's work could be posted. If you didn't make it in, please, please try in february. Everything is really subjective with this business.


February's event is going to start rolling almost as soon as this one is over, so be ready. It's also going to ask for a brief query and first 250. But this time we're doing MG, YA, and Adult genres.

It's going to be so fun. I mean just look at the title...

Blind Speed Dating

Oh yeah! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? And, yes, if you participated in January you can participate in February. 

Here's a bit on how it will go down:

1. The event will start with a line up of amazing literary agents (my very special Honorary Cupids) and links to their sites, blogs, twitter...  And there will be an announcement for the guest judges and their links. *All real names used here.*

2. There will be two windows where I will accept emailed entries in MG, YA, and Adult genres (query and first 250 words). The windows will be open until we reach 50 entries in each window, for a total of 100. Stay posted for dates.

3. The first two weeks in February will be used to post the entries in the preliminary rounds. Week 1 for the first 50 entires, then week 2 for the second 50. Our guest judges will be Cupid's bouncers and use undercover names while commenting and selecting which entires make it into the agent speed dating round with a beautiful "You're in!".

4. The agent round will be the third week, where on Monday the entries will be posted (MG lumped together, YA lumped together, Adult lumped together) for all the agents to review, see what they like, and request (similar to speed dating). Agents can come and go at any time during a four day span. *Couple of things...This is BLIND speed dating so there will be no author names given and the agents will work under Honorary Cupid names. Also, the agent can comment with gushy love or harsh love on any entry. For the entries they want to request from, they must say "Struck with Honorary Cupid's arrow!" somewhere within the comment, then how much of the manuscript they'd like to see. Agents can use as many arrows as they want and an entry can receive multiple arrows. 

5. On Friday of the third week all identities will be revealed (except mine, of course :) ) in one majorly exciting post, winners will be announced formally, and arrangements will be made to get the requests to the agents. 

There will also be some fund stuff going on between these times, so stick around once it begins and follow this blog and my twitter so you'll be updated. Thanks!

*Remember those of you who are the five who automatically make it into the agent round. If you are one please do not submit during the windows. 

<3 Cupid

Questions below please...


  1. Sounds awesome! Thanks so much for doing this for us!

  2. I'm one of the five. Will you let us know how to submit our information outside the windows before or after those deadlines?

    And thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I'm excited.

    1. Of course! Stay posted.

      And your welcome.

  3. Thanks for putting this together. Since this starts tomorrow, could you give a hint of what adult genres are included? Suspense/thriller, romance, sci-fi/fantasy...?
    Who are the "five"? How were they selected?
    By "entry window", is that just a time frame to email our entries, or will there be a physical textbox/window on this blog where we post our entries?