Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the Bouncer judging begin!

FYI: We have added a 12th agent!!!! Check her out: 

Victoria Marini!!! Website, Blog, Twitter

The first 50 entries are posted!!!!!!!

Comment on any you'd like, but please don't be rude! Let's all be mature and professional with our comments and feedback.

Bouncers will be around any time between now and the end of Thursday! Watch for a summary post on Friday. If you missed the list of Bouncer undercover names, read this post.

If you see a problem with your entry email me: cupidslitconnection(at)yahoo(dot)com This is only to correct mistakes I made. Not to fix a comma you forgot or something. Please include your POST # in your email. Thanks.

(I'm still working on some formatting issues blogger threw in my way on the first several entries. Be patient.)

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to those standing in line. :-)


  1. I wish everyone luck who entered and Cupid - I'm polishing my MS as we speak so I plan to be entering next round :) Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to the bouncers comments :)

  2. Awesome! I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you again for doing this, Cupid. :)

  3. Thanks for doing this, Cupid! All your hard work is much appreciated.

  4. Cupid, instead of scrolling through all the entries to see who made it in, is there an easy way for you to make a side post saying Post #s x,y, and z got in? Just a thought! Like a running tally...thanks.

    1. On Friday I will post who made it through for everyone.

      Cupid's trying to ignore all this a little this week so she can get some of her own work done. :D

    2. Huh! This Cupid is a she! Good to know as I've been saying 'he' all week! Thanks for the info - I realize I already read that in the previous posts. Sorry! And happy working!

  5. Sending a little love to Cupid since some of your faithful got a little snippy about not getting through fast enough at the appointed hour. This is a whole lot of work you are doing for your followers so please know it is appreciated, even by the disappointed. I'm one of the lucky ones who make it through, but had I not, I hope I would still have recognized and appreciated the hard work you put into planning and implementing the contest. A giant thank you on behalf of all of your minions. Take some deep breaths, eat some chocolate, and enjoy some cupid time.

  6. Cupid: I also thank you for all your hard work. This is so exciting!

    Question: Where are we in the sequence of events? As I sit panting and trembling in front of my computer, I wonder what's going on behind the scenes. (I'm not really panting. Just trembling. Literary license for effect.)

  7. The next 50 go up next week.

    The agent round starts the 20th. :D