Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #3

YA Sci-Fi 

Set-up: This takes place after an excruciating test that left our couple without food or water for several days. They’ve been estranged, she's broken his heart and regrets it, he can't get over it. But they can only keep up their forced distance for so long. Especially since they keep going through brutal tests that force them to rely on each other.


“Hey,” I said. He jerked a little, meeting my eyes.

“Oh, hey.” The look on his face seared right through me.

“Are you busy, you want me to leave you alone?” I asked, caught off guard by his intense stare.

He paused. “No.”

There was silence. Then he asked, “You eat enough, get enough water?”

I stepped a little closer. “Yeah, it’s hard to keep stuff down though.”

He nodded.

I came closer. “I wanted to say something to you.”

He looked away. “Yeah? What is it?”

I cleared my throat, letting a few seconds pass. “I wanted to… I wanted to say that I miss you a lot. I feel like, I don’t know. I feel like my life has been wrong ever since you left.” I pushed back at the nakedness I felt and how it made me want to run.

He didn’t answer me. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could see the tension in his body. He clenched his hand into a fist and released it.

“I know I handled things so wrong…” I started.

He moved so fast I had no time to be alarmed. He grabbed me and tugged me into him while pushing me back against the Tank. His lips came down hard on mine, then easier, kissing me like we used to when we first met.

Heaven. My body let the flood of welcome feelings crowd into my veins, making me feel more alive than I had in so long. I reached for his face, grabbing the back of his head with my other hand and pulling him down. I relaxed into the slow sink to the ground.

But then suddenly he released me and backed away. His face changed and he looked at me in a weird way. He was angry. Mixed with something else.

“Hey, I mean, we…” I stood up straight but he didn’t wait for me to say whatever it was I was trying to. He turned, and with each of his retreating footsteps the warm and happy feelings I'd greedily accepted started leaving me. Replaced by something heavier, colder, and confusing.


  1. I really like this one - it's tense and complicated, that pounding mix of still wanting each other but also still feeling so broken from a rocky past.

  2. Love angry intense kissing scenes like this!

  3. You describe the rush of feeling so well. Makes me feel like I can really relate to the characters

  4. Intense kissing scenes like this are some of my favorites. Just from this small scene I'd want to read more. Great job!

  5. I think the dialogue bits of this scene are particularly nice! They seem to ring very true to my ear when speaking them in my mind-always a tough thing to pull off. Fabulous!

  6. Loved this when I first read it, and love still love it!

  7. Go, HAVEN!!! Great scene! I'm rooting for ya, buddy!

  8. Gotta love the angry kiss! :) Great job at getting us into the emotions of these two characters. Awesome!