Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #4


Set-up: 16-year-old Bixby Darwin has just conquered a paintball simulation along with his lesbian best-friend, Darby. Exhilarated and not wanting to come down from cloud nine, Bix plunges into uncharted waters.


“Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“No.” Darby says, pulling over under a towering oak tree. I don’t know where we’re parked, but at least I have her full attention now.”But, that doesn’t mean….”
I don’t let her finish. I’m on a mission now. “Boyfriend?”
“How can you be sure then?” Seeing as I’ve already delved in further than I should have, I plunder right along. “Have you ever kissed anyone?”
She shakes her head. “No.”
“Me either.” Being the shortest kid in class doesn’t inspire romance so much as brotherly feelings.
“Is that what it’s going to take for you? A kiss?”
I didn't expect that so easily, but I’ll take it. “Ma-ay beee.”
“And if we kiss and there’s nothing, then you’ll believe I’m a lesbian?”
My heart hammers in my chest at her proposal. “You sure?” My left hand anchoring me to my seat, I reach over and a tuck a wisp of her hair behind her ear. I cup the back of her neck and she doesn’t recoil at my touch, so I gently pull her toward me. Or maybe she moved on her own. It doesn’t matter because within seconds I smell her peppermint breath. “You positive?”
“No.” Shaking her head, she tilts it into the perfect kissing angle.
I can’t believe this happening. I am going to kiss my best friend. I am going to kiss Darby.
Softly my lips land on hers or more precisely between hers. My bottom lip is sandwiched between her lips and my top lip somewhere under her nose. Her mouth opens for a fraction of a second. I readjust and slide my tongue inside, in desperate search for hers. My eyes are closed and I’m drifting to that place where euphoria and ecstasy collide. For the briefest of moments, our tongues touch and all of the electrons in my body go into hyper drive.
And just as suddenly I’m yanked back to reality when Darby pulls away.  I fall into the cup holder, just missing the gear shift.

 “See,” she says, her voice a little high-pitched. “Definitely lesbian.”


  1. Oh snap! Poor boy. Great scene though!! (And love the title)

  2. I feel so sorry for him, but I laughed at the end. :)

  3. "I’m drifting to that place where euphoria and ecstasy collide" LOVE THIS LINE! laughed at the end their, yup total lesbian ;)

  4. aaaawww...damn! shot down! poor guy. Loved this scene though and I'm really intrigued as to why her voice is a little higher. Maybe she's not as lesbian as she thinks? or is she just embarrassed?

    I'd definitely read more of this. And you've got some great lines in here. :)

  5. HA! This scene makes me feel so awkward! Which is awesome, because it IS awkward! I'm impressed that you managed to make me feel embarrassed for the guy, and not just like a spectator. :D Well done with this!

  6. Love a good awkward, sweet scene like this!

  7. Thank you for all the kind comments. So good to hear the awkward humor comes through :)

  8. Love the awkwardness! Love how he falls into the cup holder. lol I am also intrigued as to what happens with these two.

    And I used to always go for the short guy. haha