Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #7

Women's Fiction with Thriller Elements

Set-up: Nina is a residential counselor at a shelter for women escaping domestic abuse who has just started taking the law into her own hands. She's wrapping up her first, somewhat blind date with Megan, a nurse at the local hospital. Nina was thrilled to feel a connection with Megan, as the gay social scene in their small town is more of a puddle than a pool. Their dinner stretched out for hours and they closed the restaurant. Megan walks Nina to her car and... (told from Nina's perspective)


Reaching out, I tentatively grazed the edge of her hand with my fingers. Megan looked shyly at her toes, shifting her and weight and slowly inching forward, anticipating what was to come.

Usually, I’m not one for public displays of affection but her soft hazel eyes bashfully beckoned me from behind their long lashes and I was unable to resist. I caressed the smooth skin along her jaw—tracing the line until I reached her chin, lifting her face to mine.

God, you’re beautiful. 

Megan smelled like springtime and her breath was warm against my cheek as she nuzzled into my touch, but she didn’t make the next move, drawing out the moment and making me second-guess the amazing connection I was sure we had.

My heart pounded as I let my mouth linger mere inches from hers and finally, after what felt like hours, Megan turned her head brushed her lips against mine, moving from one side to the other but not making more than the briefest of contact. It was an agonizing tease and the tension made my heart want to explode.

Enough of this. I need you. Now.  

I cupped the back of her long neck, leaving her no other choice but to kiss me. Hard. She melted her body against mine, tasting like sweet coffee with only the slightest hint of chocolate from our shared dessert. But there was something else too. Fresh and cool, like spearmint. I wanted more. A lot more.

Megan pulled away as my body throbbed. I was speechless, unable to think and barely able to move. My tingling toes let me know that I was still on the ground but my head felt like it was three feet above me. Floating.

From the glazed look in Megan’s eyes, she felt the same way. “I only live a few blocks away,” she whispered into my ear, barely touching my forearm with the back of her hand, moving it up to my elbow, and then down.

I smiled and said the only thing that made sense. “Lead the way.”


  1. This is a very steamy scene! I think the physicality of the scene was very well described and painted vivid pictures for me as the reader. I think that you showed lovely characterization of both girls, even though it's just through one pov. Great job!

  2. I love the details in this one, and it's so steamy! Great job!

  3. I really like this line:
    My tingling toes let me know that I was still on the ground but my head felt like it was three feet above me. Floating.

    Can definitely feel the passion.

  4. Yes, very passionate and steamy! Love the thoughts of our MC. Really adds to the emotion, I think. Great job!