Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blind Speed Dating #36 (Chapter Bk)

Genre: Children's Chapter Book
Word Count: 4,000


Welcome to the garden town of Beddington, where the flowers are sweet and the Weeds breed trouble. Best friends since they were seeds, Daisy and Rose are blooming for the first time. Despite warnings from the Mums, Rose tries to fit in with the rule-breaking Weeds, intent on taking over the yard. Daisy is torn between staying in the safe part of the garden or following Rose into the exciting unknown of the Weed patch. But adventure brings risk, and soon the best friends will discover that real freedom comes with staying true to your roots.

First 250:

Rose woke up excited. It was the day of the big race in her garden town of Beddington. She quickly washed her face with the dew that collected over night. The Roly Poly brothers, Pete, Pauly, Parker, Perry, Patrick, and Porter worked hard all spring to build a racecourse to celebrate the first day of summer. Mounds of dirt stood along the track making hills and dips all the way to the finish line. After the race there would be picnics, games and the ant parade with an appearance by the Queen herself.  Rose wanted to be there early to get a good spot.
“I’m off to the race Mum!” she called.
“Just a moment Rose,” said her Mum. “Here’s your lunch and don’t forget to come straight home after the parade.”
“Okay, thanks.” Rose hurried toward the crowd.  She found the perfect place near the finish line then looked for Daisy.  Daisy had been Rose’s best friend since they were seeds.
“Daisy! Daisy! Over here!” Rose waved. 
She watched as Daisy made her way through all of the flowers, plants, and creatures of Beddington who were at the race. Gardenia, Petunia, Lily, and a family of Clematis all stood together, along with Daisy’s cousin Gerbera.
“This is perfect,” said Daisy.
“Isn’t it great?” said Rose. “Who do you think will win?"
“I don’t know. Porter’s the biggest, which helps going downhill, but I’ve seen Pauly practicing and he looks fast.” 
Rose felt the dirt shift under her as Grubbie’s head popped into view. Grubbie was a good friend to Rose and Daisy. He was a kind worm, but easily scared.

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