Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bouncer Round 6 #16

Genre: Upper MG/Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 52,000


Thirteen year old Bridget Miles is known as the freaky witch girl. After her Boy Perfect---Ronnie---her crush since the first grade, dies she performs the one spell her Great Grandmother warned her against and brings him back to life. As a zombie.

Everything seems good-ish until a covert government agency tries to recruit Bridget for their zombie experiments. Though at first she’s intrigued, she soon realizes there’s a sinister agenda beneath their squeaky-clean exterior—the agency’s plans could bring a stop to mankind. Bridget has to stop them before a zombie army takes over the world.

And save her boy zombie in the process. 

ZOMBIE CRUSH is a humorous book about zombies and first love. 

First 250:

I shiver in the cool October night air as I wait. Halloween is over. Tomorrow will be the first of November. My thirteenth birthday. The only present I want is for Ronnie to be alive again.

I hide in the back of the mausoleum where Ronnie is interred. The air smells damp and musty as if it hasn't had fresh air blow through here in a while even though his funeral was today. The only spots of color are the bright flowers left for Ronnie but those are dulled and wilted as if they've been here a long time. A small bit of moonlight shines on the cold tiled floor from the one and only window high above me. Even the window is only partially clean. Dead leaves and other debris cloud the glass.

 I run my hands along the stone wall until I get to his crypt.

“Ronald Michaels—beloved son and friend,” I read aloud. It's a makeshift sign probably put there until the brass plaque arrives. Shoving aside the flowers I kneel on the tile in front of the crypt and open my backpack.

I assemble materials for the spell Great Grandmother Bridget listed in the Book of Shadows. Taking a deep breath I begin.


  1. I thought this was great. Your query really works -- it's short, to the point, bursting with voice, and has a terrific penultimate line. Also, I just love the name of the love interest. It really works. Your 250 sets you off to a good start.

    Monica #26

  2. This sounds like it could be a cute read. The second sentence in the first paragraph of your query reads a little akward. And I think you need a "but" after the comma in the second sentence of your second paragraph. But overall, good job and good luck!

    Laurie #8