Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blind Speed Dating #43 (MG)

Genre: Upper Middle Grade Science Fiction
Word Count: 60,000


When an alien race known as the Adviera abducts thirteen-year-old Gary Jones, they give him the power of telekinesis. Unfortunately this cool new ability comes with a price. The aliens expect Gary to complete dangerous missions for them, alongside other Earth kids with abilities.

The Adviera believes Gary could be the key to saving their race and are secretly grooming him to lead their war effort. Too bad Gary just wants to complete his service to the aliens quickly, so he can use his power to exact revenge on the school bully. But if Gary fails them, it’s not just the aliens who will suffer—the fate of humanity could also be at risk.

Although Gary works closely with his alien trainer, Esther, so he can learn to control his ability, he’s unprepared for the retrieval missions and simulated battles the aliens force him into. If the alien council would stop changing their ridiculous demands, Gary might have a chance to perfect his ability before the Adviera thrust him into a situation he may not be able to survive.

The Adviera Abductions is an Upper Middle Grade Science Fiction novel that blends Sky High and Ender's Game with butt kicking aliens.

First 250:

The weight of invisible chains tied Gary to his house as he slammed the front door and led Buster, his Golden Retriever, down the path. No matter how far away he got, his mother always had the innate ability to know when he was about to get into trouble. Today would probably be no different. Although how Gary could get into trouble walking a dog, he had no clue.

Gary ran his hand through his shaggy brown hair, grabbed for his earbuds, and shoved them to his ears. Bobbing his head to the thundering drums and crashing guitars, he stepped into synch with the music. Buster, however, had other ideas, and dragged Gary down the street as if on a mission. The dog stopped at a street lamp near the end of the block, barked, and pulled hard on the leash. In an effort to hold him back, Gary grabbed Buster’s collar with his free hand.

“What are you barking at, boy?”

Gary looked around, but the street was deserted. Following Buster’s gaze, he found the cause of the disturbance—white lights floating across the sky.

“It’s just a plane. Come on.” He tried to yank the dog back toward the house. Buster planted his butt on the ground and whined.

“What’s wrong, boy?” Crouching down, Gary smoothed the golden fur on the dog’s head. “It’s okay, I promise.”

Hearing the soft whir of an engine, Gary tracked the lights drawing closer in the sky. They morphed into various shapes no longer looking like any plane he’d seen, and the noise changed to a high pitched hum.

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