Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bouncer Round 6 is UP!!

Ah! Bouncer Round 6 is up and going! (Entries are in the right column under Bouncer Round 6 #__)

You know what this means! Next week is our agent round!

So this round will work a little different since these are resubs. I've got just about all the Bouncers back to help dig out the best entries. But this week the choosing will be taking place behind the scenes. And they might only let 1 entry through or they'll let up to 10 through. And this round will not last as long. Should have winners selected and posted here by Wednesday!

The great news is that you'll have several Bouncers' eyes on your work.

And as usual, any public comments are welcome!

(Let me know if your entry has a Cupid error!)

Thanks everyone!

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