Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Triangle Winners!

Whew! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Once again, a huge thank you to Vickie and John for participating and being more than awesome! This not only met my highest expectations, it surpassed them. And I want to thank all of you for participating, reading, watching from the sidelines, following... I could go on and on with the thanks. You guys all rock!

I really want to say how exceptional all the entries were. I had no idea there was so much amazingness out there. And if your work was not chosen, please remember it's a very subjective business. I cannot emphasize that enough, and I've experienced it time and time again with my own work. Trust me, I've been there.

Now our winning entries!!!!!!  *applauding* 

#2 HOW TO DATE A NERD - Full (Vickie)
#5 COGLING - 100 pages (John)
#6 WHERE ARE BOYS FROM, URANUS? - 100 pages (Vickie)
#7 HALF-SOULED - Full (John)
#8 SON OF A (HIRED) GUN - 100 pages (Vickie)
#9 TIME BOUND - 100 pages (John)
#14 BEGGING TO BREATHE - 100 pages (Vickie)
#15 KILLING KESSLER - Full (John)
#18 LAVENDER BOYS - Full (Vickie)
#20 JEREMIAH COPPERPOT - 100 pages (Vickie)
#21 FRACTION OF STONE - 100 pages (Vickie)
#23 THE END WORLD - Full (John)
#24 CRACKED - 100 pages (Vickie)

The agent next to each listed above get these requests for TWO WEEKS before the other agent can ask for it. Note: Two weeks from when the manuscript is received by first agent. *I know for sure Vickie is interested in seeing #15 and #23 after the two weeks.

For instructions on how to send your request in please email me: cupidslitconnection(at)yahoo(dot)com Please put "Love Triangle Winner" in your subject when you email me. Thank you! I will then email you back with everything you need to know.

Now we gear up for February's "Blind Speed Dating" Event. Guest judges. A whole line-up of agents. Undercover names. It's going to be epic! Remember, even if you sent an entry in to "Love Triangle" you can still participate in February. In fact, I encourage you to do so, because this is so VERY SUBJECTIVE. There quite possibly may be an agent next month that will go crazy for your work.

More details and announcements go up next week, so check back then!!!


  1. Congrats to the winners!!!!

    Looking forward to the next contest since I couldn't participate in this one.

  2. This was a very exciting contest. And Cupid!!! You did a great job! I've never seen such a fun contest. It was really exciting to see the agents going back and forth and even more fun to watch them on Twitter, talking to each other. I hope you do it again! Thanks to Vickie and John as well because they were awesome. Whew! Competition was fierce. I opened up each entry and could feel the sweat dripping off the forehead with every read. There were some really cool queries and first 250. Good luck professionally to all those who are submitting their babies. I know my lavender MS is my baby. It has...oh goodness...a life of its own (er, in my head). Thanks again to everyone involved.

  3. I agree with Lavender Writer~ it was SO much fun to watch Vickie and John go back and forth on Twitter! This contest was so well organized, and I really appreciate all the background work that went into it. Thank you, Cupid! Looking forward to February's contest, too!

  4. Thank you so much for this contest, Cupid! I especially loved following it on twitter and I can't wait for the next one.

    And thanks to Vickie and John, you guys are hilarious. I'll be picturing gunslingers every time I see your names :).

  5. Thank you so much for running this contest and opening this new site. This contest was so much fun and like Lavender Writer, I was so impressed with my fellow entrants. There was such a good variety and awesome voices. I am honored to have been in on the first Cupid contest.

    Good luck to all of you, I can't wait to read you someday.
    And thanks to Vickie and John for being so wonderful and entertaining.

  6. Thank you so much for this contest! And thanks to the agents for participating.

    And I agree, entry after entry I was like, WOW these are ALL GOOD!

  7. This was amazing! Thanks to Cupid, John, and Vickie for making this so much fun and entertaining. Between the comments and the twitter feed, you all had me giggling my butt off. :)

    Congrats to all the winners!

  8. Congrats to all the winners. There was so much amazing work submitted, I can't wait to see what happens next month.

  9. Congrats to the winners and thanks again to Cupid for hosting such a wonderful contest. It really helps to read others work to improve your own. :)

  10. Congrats to all the winners! I really want to participate next month, this all looks so exciting!

  11. What a wonderful contest - a million thanks to Cupid and John and Vickie! Congrats to all the winners!

  12. Congratulations to the winners! I'm looking forward to February - the true LOVE month! :)

  13. Woohoo for requesters and request-ees alike! Hope you guys have a success story to share soon :)

  14. Yay to the winners! And thanks a bunch, Cupid, John, and Vickie! This was a blast! :D