Monday, January 28, 2013

Bouncer Post #92

Title: Firestorm
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 94,000


For so long she searched. Through dark bitter nights and cold endless winters, Zara’s world has been based on one purpose, and on one purpose alone: the quest for her missing son. It is a journey that will take her to another world, to a parallel dimension far from her own, where her only chance of finding her son lies. Only what awaits Zara in this enchanted land is not at all what she expects, nor what she could ever have imagined.

A man has adopted her son, given him a home when Zara could not. A man who is handsome and powerful, brave and determined, and who fiercely protects himself and his family. A man who is by no means a commoner of this fantastic world.  He is the King.

In secrecy, Zara infiltrates the king’s universe, determined to retrieve her son and return back to her own world. Only the dashing and commanding man has different ideas. Especially when…

He discovers Zara’s true identity.

Firestorm is a paranormal romance and is complete at 94,000 words in length.  My manuscripts have seen success in various RWA-sponsored contests, including First Place in the Sweet Spicy Spooky Contest, Unsinkable Heroine Award in the Molly, Third Place in the Southern Heat Contest, Third Place in the STAR Contest and two semi-finalist showings in the Molly Contest.  I am currently a finalist in the FRW Golden Palm and the RWA Emily competitions.

I have written seven manuscripts in addition to Firestorm, including three paranormal romances, three contemporary romances and one children's fantasy. You can view descriptions of all of my manuscripts on my website,

With over a decade of professional writing experience, I produced a wide variety of written material for businesses and individual clients across a variety of subject matters. I worked both in advertising agencies and marketing departments as a copywriter. My freelance articles on the web garner more than 20,000 clicks a day. I am active in the Florida Romance Writers, a local chapter of Romance Writers of America.

I have poured my heart into this story.  I hope it enraptures yours.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

First 250:


She had not expected this.

Not after ten years in the agency, eight years in special operations, six in the most perilous of missions.  Not this.

To be afraid.

However, for some reason, she involuntarily was, Zara realized as she gazed out upon the dark and dusty New Mexican desert through the crystal clean windshield of luxury car so new, the smell of fresh leather still drenched the air.  Beyond the thin, translucent barrier lay a mysterious and barren land, an amber world devoid of all life and all motion.  It was a moonless night, and the bright headlights that lit the endless sea of tawny terrain would soon be gone.  Then, in a land so physically near to society yet so unlike it, she would begin her mission.

Zara shivered.  Even on a night predicted to be all but warm, an unnatural chill permeated the air.  A razor-sharp coldness penetrated her clothing, eliciting tiny pinprick Goosebumps on sensitive skin.  The iciness stung her muscles, scratched her body, crept through her blood to whisper upon her very bones.  Zara opened and closed her hands, holding in a gasp of pain as her tender skin cracked in the frigid dryness, unable to rid herself of the strange chill.  How extraordinary and unusual that a professional should be affected so.

“I better go,” Speaking to no one, Zara’s soprano voice broke through the silent world. 

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  1. My favorite line: "The iciness stung her muscles, scratched her body, crept through her blood to whisper upon her very bones." I love how descriptive you are here.
    Good luck!