Friday, January 18, 2013

Conference Appointment with Jenny Bent!!

Please find general information on the conference here.

Jenny Bent (The Bent Agency)

Interests: "Jenny Bent represents literary and commercial adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction..." -Please check the links above for more information. 

APPOINTMENT: 2/12 @ 9:00 am EST  (check in all day)

Booking info:

PLEASE NOTE: The bidding DOES NOT open until 12 noon EST today (1/18). It will close at 8 pm EST on 1/19 or when the cap is reached.

This appointment will be capped at $30. The opening bid MUST start at $5 and every bid after that MUST be made in $2 increments (except the last) until the cap is reached or the bidding closes. 

Please include some kind of identification with your bid. Doesn't have to be your real name. 

*After bidding closes, I will post a comment with further directions for the winner.

**ANYONE with a complete manuscript that is un-agented can participate in this conference. The conference and contest are separate and they do not affect each other in any way. 

(Funds will be used for a local book donation. Thank you!)


  1. $17 Heather Brady hhbrady2005 (at)

  2. $19 Heather Brady hhbrady2005 (at)

  3. $22 Heather Brady hhbrady2005 (at)

  4. Oops! $23 Heather Brady hhbrady2005 (at)

  5. Replies
    1. austenfan = Catherine Lawrence
      catherine at midtownscholar dot com

    2. Strange the intermediary bid is missing now. But when I bid $30 there was on my screen here for this item a bid of $29
      listed as by
      Johanna Garth
      January 18, 2013 at 12:17 PM


  6. Oh so close! $27 Heather Brady hhbrady2005 (at)

  7. $30

  8. Winner! austenfan = Catherine Lawrence

    Please email me and use the donation button on the blog to pay the $30. :)