Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #1

Contemporary YA

Set-up:  18-year-old Chloe and her girlfriend Sasha have just returned from visiting Chloe’s best friend, where she revealed for the first time (to anyone) that she is gay and that Sasha is her girlfriend. She and Sasha are sitting in her room, and it’s the first time she will be sleeping in a bed with Sasha.


“Are you sure this is all right?” she asked. Her tank top hugged her breasts, both exciting and terrifying me. I needed new pajamas. Ratty t-shirts and shorts wouldn’t cut it anymore.


“I promise to stay on my side.” Her grin reassured me, and she tugged the hair band off one of her braids. Then the second. She grabbed the braid to unwind it.

“Wait.” My mind spun a hundred different directions. Would she think I was weird?

She didn’t say a word as I scooted over—my knees barely touching her back. I took hold of one braid and slowly unwound it. Then the second. The scent of Sasha—sweet peaches, filled my nose as I spread my fingers through her silky hair like I’d always wanted to. I could sit like this all night long but stopped, worried again she’d think I was strange.

Sasha twisted around and placed her hand on my cheek. Her fingers burned a tender trail down to my chin, and I wanted to freeze this moment, to gaze into her deep blue eyes forever.

Eyes that understood me. That accepted me. That wanted me.

Her hand gripped my neck, and her lips welcomed mine, making me feel like the only thing that mattered. Like I never wanted to breathe so I could just drink in her lips.

When Sasha pulled back, her sigh resonated deep inside me. Her fingers squeezed my knee, and even though she wore only a small smile, her eyes said she was feeling everything I was.

She turned away, but I didn’t want this to end. I pressed my body into hers, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder.

Her smooth hands caressed mine. Those first days in class, I’d thought Sasha was perfect. She wasn’t. And I wasn’t either.

But this was… perfect.

“I love you, Chloe.”

Her words hung there, scaring me, but also filling me with a happiness I’d never known. I wanted this—her—more than anything, and I knew the words I would say were true.

“I love you too.”


  1. "Those first days in class, I’d thought Sasha was perfect. She wasn’t. And I wasn’t either." I love this. So much connection lies in the realization of each other's flaws, and so much strength in accepting each other despite and even because of them!

  2. I agree with Dahlia - that's probably my favorite part. But this whole scene is so sweet and focused and lyrical. Nicely done.

  3. Beautiful. I agree with Dahlia! Love that line she quoted.

  4. I'm gonna have to agree about really loving that line Dahlia mentioned. Really makes it stand out. But I thought the entire thing was incredibly strong. Great writing! Great intensity! Great romance!

    Well done! :)

  5. Loved it, simple and perfect!

  6. Thanks for all the nice words. I appreciate it.

  7. I think that even though we all hope couples of EVERY COMBINATION get equal love and pages in the future, I'm still at the phase that when I see a scene with a "minority" pairing of any kind, I get excited. And I grow more and more happy for the cornucopia of individuals who will get to see themselves in the pages of a story like this one.

    Aside from that part, I want to also say that this scene is lovely. It is tense and timid and exciting and honest and beautiful. I loved it.

  8. This is wonderful! There are some beautiful, quotable lines in there. Well done!

  9. I love how the MC worries about being strange or weird. Those lines give the reader a taste of what it's like to be newly coming out. She still has insecurities about normal feelings that give this scene a bitter sweetness.