Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissing Scene #5

YA Thriller

“You’re right,” Dom murmured against her neck. “I don’t know everything about you, but I want nothing more than to stay in this apartment forever and find out.”

“What if you don’t like what you hear?” she asked with the last of her common sense. Natalie’s arms tightened around his neck, holding him close.

“As long as it’s the truth, I’m not going anywhere.” Dom sealed his promise with a kiss.

The truth, anything but the truth.

Common sense gave way to the all-consuming need of him rushing through Natalie’s body. A tentative brush of lips meeting for the first time quickly grew to an over-powering need to explore this new territory. He tastes sweet, the cohesive thought managed to surface among the sea of emotions. Dom parted his lips easily for her begging tongue and she was rewarded with the taste of his desire for her.

Dissolving into the sensation of his tongue against hers, Natalie barely noticed their unsteady steps to the couch. Dom pulled her down against him, his arms continued to hold her close as if she were the glass that held his entire world within it.

Her actions embolden by the heady intoxication of her cravings for him, Natalie straddled his lap. Her hands dove beneath thin fabric and came into contact with his abdomen. Curious fingers tread carefully over tender ribs. She knew he had an athletic build from the grimy t-shirts he wore on laundry day, but to feel the physical results of his time on the force was another matter. She became even more brazened as his muscles shivered and relaxed at her wandering fingertips.

“Natalie,” he moaned, his lips carrying her into bliss. One hand grazed the thrumming skin under her blouse. His other hand entwined itself within her hair, bringing her closer until their worlds only consisted of each other. Barely conscious of her actions, she arched her back against his gentle touch, gyrating slightly against his confining jeans.

“Jesus, Natalie,” he groaned. He tugged gently on her lower lip and she whimpered, before he comforted her with another kiss.


  1. Okay, this scene is hot.


    And the writing is really beautiful. This line, in particular, "Curious fingers tread carefully over tender ribs." made me want to drag a highlighter over my computer screen. (Which is not very effective, as the screen is not made of pages belonging to my favorite, worn copy of a book.)

    Seriously. That line cut me like sharp poetry.

    LOVE it.

  2. This one is hot and I loved the writing in this. Great job!

  3. You are terrific at describing the physical part. What a great job! And as the others said, very hot!

  4. Holy smokes! Hot! Great descriptions and dialogue! LOVE! :D