Monday, February 4, 2013

Rooooound Four is Heeeeere!!!!

(If you didn't get into this round, window 5 is still open. More info here. )

You'll find links to all the entries in the right hand column. They're labeled "Bouncer Post #__". (Round 4 is #108-136)

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! PLEASE feel free to leave comments, cheers, and critique on any you like!

*Actually, if you have an entry in this round, I'd love for you to leave a few comments on your fellow entries. Share the love!

And you CAN tell everyone which entry is yours!

If you notice an error with your entry, email me.

The Bouncers can stop by at anytime between Monday and Thursday. They may leave comments on any entry they wish. BUT you only make it into the agent round if you get a "You're in!" somewhere in your comment from one of the Bouncers. They do NOT have to comment more than this if they choose not to.

Remember they each get to choose 3! For a total of 9!

The Bouncers will be using undercover names, so you will not know which Bouncer is judging your entry. It is up to them if they eventually want to give up their identity.

Our Round 4 Bouncers are:

I will (randomly) assign them different groups of entries to read and they will pop up at ANYTIME so be ready! EEP!

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