Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bouncer Interview with Genn Albin!!

Please welcome Bouncer, Genn Albin! Genn was also one of our Bouncers last year, and if you haven't heard of her before, you need to seriously check her out. She has an amazing story of how her and her novel found their way to publication. Her book was released recently, and I am in awe of her beautiful writing! She is repped by Mollie Glick

Hi, Genn! Please share a little about yourself:

Gennifer Albin holds a Masters degree in English Literature from the University of Missouri. A recovering academic, she turned to writing her own books. Her debut novel, Crewel, published by Macmillan, was hailed by The New York Times as full of "dark and twisted places readers will want to visit" and Booklist says it "could be the next big dystopian blockbuster." The second book in the Crewel World trilogy is due out in fall 2013. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She also blogs infrequently at about writing, motherhood, and Starbucks dates and is a contributing member of The League of Extraordinary Writers

Now tell us a little about your book(s) or what you like to write:

In CREWEL, girls known as  Spinsters weave the fabric of reality, but the main character Adelice resists working on the looms.  Basically, I like to write smart girls who are brave and witty and who occasionally get kissed. 

What MUST we read? And what's in your TBR pile? 

My TBR pile is a mountain, but I'm really looking forward to reading Gone Girl and Siege and Storm, the sequel to my friend Leigh Bardugo's first novel.  Both are waiting on the shelves.  Recently, I've read and loved Unremembered by Jessica Brody (March), Linked by Imogen Howson—fantastic YA science fiction (June), and both the Mara Dyer books by the lovely Michelle Hodkin.

What are those crumbs around your computer? And what is that music I hear?

*Grumbles something about weight watchers*  Theoretically those crumbs would be pretty much any pastry from Starbucks, particularly one of those mini cherry pies or a blueberry scone.  Music depends on the WIP I'm on.  With Crewel its likely to be Icon For Hire, Florence+the Machine, or The Glitch Mob.

Is it all about the pants or all about the outline? 

BOTH!  I think its great to pantsed a draft or some scenes to get a feel for the characters and what's jumping out at you, but then I think you should outline.  My first drafts tend to be a hodge podge, then I outline and revise, I outline again more thoroughly and revise, then I .... you get the point. 

Any words of wisdom for our brave contest entrants? 

I won a live pitch contest and then I participated in a live critique event that garnered my first offer of rep.  Contests are an amazing opportunity, so keep putting yourself out there. 

Now give up your guilty pleasure!

Melting into a t.v. series—full mind-meld oblivion. I love to wait for several seasons to be available on dvd or netflix and then just do nothing else but eat, sleep, get children to school, and watch episode after episode.  I do it once or twice a year when I have the time.


Thank you, Genn!

Thank you for reading! Questions and comments below...


  1. Oh hey! She knows who the Glitch Mob are? That's a first, I've never heard anyone mention them in a casual manner.

    Also, agreed on the pants vs. outline debate. I do kind of the same thing. Write a little bit with a vague sense of who the characters are and what happens in the beginning, then as I continue, I start to see the rest of the story. That's when I outline. Then revise, outline, revise. It's pretty fun :D

    Great interview!

  2. Darth, I find it sad that people do not casually bring up The Glitch Mob.