Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today is #FAW!!

If you're not on Twitter, you should be!

For one reason, today is #FAW, which stands for Follow Agent Wednesday! There are sooo many agents on Twitter that tweet on regular bases, and not only does it help writers get to know the agents a bit more, but it also gives them tons of information! So writers on Twitter are pretty much ahead of the game.

What kind of information?

Well, besides cute details about their pets and what deliciousness they had for dinner, they also tweet about where they are in their slush, important tips on writing queries, what trends are hot at the moment, what they're specifically looking for, and sometimes they'll even tweet about submissions they're reading (and loving)! Which is very exciting if you have a sub out with that agent.

Now, that's just to name a few benefits. There are tons more!

So if you are on Twitter, today I want you to @ me any agent you enjoy following with a little message and I'll retweet, so we can all be following all the awesome agents tweeting out there! Note: Please try not to duplicate agents that have already been mentioned for #FAW.

If you're not on Twitter, get started by signing up here. Then follow me here. Then check all my tweets and retweets to find a whole slew of great agents to follow! You won't regret it!

Feel free to mention any great follows below too!

Thanks everyone!

<3 Cupid


  1. Great follow for agents of genre fiction.

    And not just because my writing has been published there. ;)

    But because after six montgs ALL the great writers there are free to seek publication elsewhere with their online published serials.

    There are some pretty hefty diamonds in the rough on the fledgeling site. :)

    Follow @JukePopSerials
    And i encourage agents to follow the stories as they come to life, becaude there is a voting and ranking system!

    The site pretty much picks greater writers and stories for you, agents! :)

    1. Wow typos. Lol
      *months *because

      Point stands, though. :)