Monday, January 14, 2013

Blind Speed Dating Contest - Window 2!!

**New info for the contest! If you want to submit more than one manuscript, you CAN!! Into any window. BUT if you are submitting your second manuscript, you must wait 10 MINUTES after the window opens to submit. This will give those who are entering for the first time a chance to get in. Also, you must pay the $10 for EACH manuscript. I hope this makes you guys happy! There will also be other chances to get into the agent round (on top of the kissing scene comp.) so stay posted!**

Submission Info:

All the submission scheduling and judging info is in the first Blind Speed Dating post here. And the second post, including all THE AGENTS, is here. Make sure you read those if you haven't!

The second window is tomorrow morning (1/15) @ 10am EST, until full (60)!!! And these entries go up next Monday (21st)!

These are our judges (Bouncers) for the second window: (Click on their names to read their interviews)

MarcyKate Connolly
Tara Dairman
Marissa Burt

And check out the other Bouncers' interviews too:

Mary Lindsey (interview coming soon)

Miranda Kenneally (1st window)
Mary Elizabeth Summer (1st window)
Maggie Hall (1st window)

How to Submit:

FOLLOW ALL FORMATTING GUIDELINES (click the links above). Then send your entry into CupidsLitConnection(at)yahoo(dot)com as close to the opening time as possible (not sure how fast we'll fill up). Please be patient while you wait for your confirmation email. It is NOT automatic. 

After you receive your confirmation, please come here to the blog to donate the $10, using the paypal donate button on the top right hand of the screen. This part is mandatory, so please try your best to have your donation in asap. (More on the donation fee is here in the first post.)


  1. After the submission window is open 10 minutes, can you also reenter the same manuscript that got bounced in an earlier round? Thanks!

  2. Nope. If things go like I'm thinking, we're saving that for later. So stay posted. :)

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