Thursday, September 6, 2012

"CAGI" Giveaway Details!!!

Everyone who enters the "Come And Get It" contest will be included in our giveaway! There is nothing you need to do. The winners will be selected at random using your "CAGI Entry #s from the judging round (1-100). 

Please note that there are some prizes that will need to be sent in the mail and some that will not. If any of our international participants are chosen as winners of the mail prizes they will be given the choice of one of the non-mail prizes instead. This is to keep the costs low for our awesome judges who have offered to give up prizes in the giveaway. 

Winners will be announced on the 15th!!

Here is a list of our amazing "CAGI" giveaway prizes:

Choice of one of the Torn Trilogy books (Torn, Tangled or Bound) by Erica O'Rourke. - Erica

Thanks, But This Isn't for Us: A (Sort Of) Compassionate Guide to Why Your Writing Is Being Rejected, by Jessica Page Morrell - Susan

A Mystery Box of various YA/MG (Adult-if preferred) ARCs/finished copies. - Julie M.

ARC of The Fire Chronicle (October) by John Stephens (sequel to The Emerald Atlas) - Elizabeth

Code Name Verity (hardcover) by Elizabeth Wein

Be the October Writer Spotlight on Cupid's Literary Connection

Be a guest judge in Cupid's Fall KissFest2012 

Do a guest post on Cupid's Literary Connection 

Have Cupid guest post/interview on your blog. 

That's it. For now, at least. :)

Stay tuned for info on the AUCTION!!!!! 

<3 Cupid


  1. Wow! Some awesome prizes! Thank you to everyone involved for your generosity! =)

  2. I'll be thrilled if I win any...but there are two I'd love love LOVE...

  3. Amazing prizes. Thanks for all the effort all of you have put in. And the encouragement.

  4. Those are some awfully rad prizes! Guest judging for Cupid? Sweet! Good luck all!

  5. Super cool. Code Name Verity is such a moving book. I keep recommending it.