Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Round of "CAGI" entries are UP!!!

Note: Julie M. will judge #26 and Taryn will judge #22! Thank you!

They're up! They're up!

All entries are open for public comment/critique during the judging rounds. Please be polite and somewhat professional. Which means rah rahs are permitted. Yay!

If there are any issues with your entry, please email me. (

You may notice I tweaked a few minor things with some of the entries. Don't panic. I want to keep the entries as tight as possible, so redundant info like genre and word count were deleted. It's at the top of your entry! Also, I can't permit websites and Twitter names. Sorry.

All but two of the judges are splitting their judging between the two weeks. Which means we have a CHANGE OF PLANS. No winning entries for the agent round will be announced until the 15th!!!! This is only fair. Sorry for the wait. Stinks, I know. 

Here is how the judging will work. Please be polite and professional with the judge assigned to your entry! Or you'll get the boot! Promise. 

Name Entry #s
Erica  1-10
Susan 11-15
Elizabeth 16-20
Julie M. 21-25
Taryn 26-30
Jennifer 31-35
Julie S.D. 36-40
Rick 41-45
Lindsay 46-50

They will read their assigned entries this week and offer critique. Then they will do the same next week. They will then notify me of their top 4 choices and those will be announced on the 15th!

If you'd like to check out the "CAGI" info post to find out how to enter this contest or check out more on the judges/agents go here. :)

Any questions?

Have fun! Good luck!!!! 


  1. Thank you for all the work you're doing, Cupid... and late work, too. I think I'm the only other person up at this time :)

    Cheers and congrats on the great contest so far.


  2. I'm with John...thanks for all your hard work Cupid. You rock! (I somehow feel like singing, but I think I'll be the only one getting it...ok...I'll try anyway...*"Rock the books...don't rock the books baby, rock the books, don't tip the books over, rock the books, don't rock the books baby, rock the bo-ooo-ooooks..."* Get it? Anybody? LOL really do.


    PS...If we have an entry up...are we supposed to be all hush-hush about which one is ours?


  3. Thanks guys!

    No worries about being secretive. Feel free to share your link!

  4. Really excited about the contest! Thanks so much for hosting and organizing, Cupid!

  5. Young adult, young adult, young adult, middle grade, young adult, young adult...

    I'm sensing a theme.

    1. This is always the case. Where are all the adult authors, huh?

    2. Is it a reflection of what's selling, or is it an indication of what people are writing nowadays?

  6. Thanks for all your hard work, Cupid!

  7. Another cool contest from Cupid! Wish I had a ms ready, but I'll settle for reading all the fantastic entries! Thanks Cupid and good luck all!

  8. Thanks for putting all this together! I'm sure it was a lot of work. I know we all really appreciate it. :)

  9. Thanks for the contest. What a great opportunity.

  10. Cupid, thank you so much for organizing and hosting this wonderful event! So many talented people, it's a privilege to be able to "compete" in this contest with such gifted writers and storytellers.
    Also, not to be forgotten, thank you to the judges and agents!!!
    I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity!

  11. Thank you, Cupid, for hosting this awesome contest. And also thank you to the judges and agents for participating. Wonderful opportunity :)